Help me choose a Damier!!

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  1. Hi there fellow PFers! I am torn between the Damier Knightsbridge and the Damier small bucket bag... Which one do you think is hotter, cuter, more versatile??? Thanks in advance for the help!:smile:
  2. Knightsbridge!
  3. I love the Knightsbridge too!
  4. i love the bucket :smile:
  5. Knightsbridge!
  6. I like the knightsbridge.
  7. PLEASE GET THE KNIGHTSBRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  8. knightsbridge all the way...
  9. I like the bucket!
  10. Knightsbridge. Bucket looks cute, but is pretty small IMO.
  11. i prefer the knightsbridge!
  12. Knightsbridge. It's so unique and classy!
  13. Yah, Knightsbridge!
  14. I love the look of the Knightsbridge so much more :yes:
  15. knightsbridge!!!!