*Help me choose a Damier Canvas shoulder bag!*

  1. Thanks to everyone that helped me figure out which Monogram Canvas bag to buy (I went with the Batignolles Vertical - of course, I'm still not sure if I should keep it. It doesn't have much character and I am thinking of exchanging it for the Horizontal... but anyway). I need something with space because I'll be using it to tote around a school book and a magazine everyday. A Damier Canvas shoulder bag - any suggestions?
  2. How about Hampstead MM?
    Hampstead MM on Shoulder.JPG Hampstead MM.JPG
  3. I like the Azur Saleya MM or GM for school
  4. That bag looks HOT on you...
  5. Great suggestion :smile:
  6. I like the Sayleas in Azur and Regular!!
  7. the choices listed above are the best ones i can think of as well: hampstead mm & saleya mm/gm. if you're doing schoolbooks, i think the ebony color would be a wiser choice than azur though. good luck on your decision!
  8. Hampstead or Saleya !
  9. Azur Saleya MM or GM :smile:
  10. I would say a Saleya or Highbury.
  11. Ohh...KEEP the BV, its my favorite LV shoulder bag, I use it everyday for school!!!! I have the saleya MM too, its nice, but the rolled handles hurt a bit when its filled.
  12. i'd say keep the BV too! but if you don't really love it, i'll go for the hampstead MM
  13. Have you considered Chelsea?
  14. Bag Fetish, thank you! :flowers:
  15. Hampstead MM or Saleya MM!