Help me choose a Courier Color.............


Which should I choose?

  1. Steel

  2. Olive

  3. Sienna

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. :tdown: for Anthracite. It's just not going to happen so time to move forward.

    I'd like to get a Courier that will be neutral and go with most of my wardrobe. At the same time, I'd like for it to coordinate well with my Caramel 05 Weekender :nuts: Yes, I got a WE and I'm thrilled! Now that I'm broke again, I can only afford one bag this season :wtf: so it's going to be the Courier and it needs to be a neutral. No jaune, no violet for me :push: ....I can do this.

    I'll primarily use the Courier on it's own but sometimes when traveling, I'll use it with the WE.

    Here's the colors that I'm selecting from (photos courtesy of nicole, REREsaurus & balny)







    And here's the color of my Weekender (photo is stylefly's gorgeous caramel 05 work)


    Which should I choose???? Help!!!
  2. Steel for me.:tup:
  3. I just have to pick the most colorful...I get too bored with steel and olive. Sienna!!! I think it will coordinate with the WE better because it's a warm color like the caramel.
  4. I voted for Sienna. I think that color is gorgeous!
  5. I like deep, rich saturated colors and I think Sienna is a gorgeous color for the fall. That is why it got my vote!
  6. I vote for steel or olive
  7. My vote is for Sienna! It is simply GORGEOUS and I think it would look fab in a courier!
  8. To coordinate with your WE, I vote Sienna. (but cinnamon would be nice, too).:p
  9. ^ ITA, Sienna will look really nice along with Caramel. Two classic colors will travel well together.
  10. I *need* to see steel IRL to decide, but for now my vote goes to Sienna! Love the warmth of the color, it has a POP, and yet it's still neutral, and will definitely work with your gorgeous 05 caramel :love:
  11. I think the olive coordinates best. For color alone, the steel. Sienna- *too* warm/red to go with caramel (ducks thrown tomatos, ;) )
  12. I personally like the Olive and Sienna the best! Good luck with finding the one you love, Cracker!:tender:
  13. sienna, by a mile.
  14. I'd say sienna!!! I was hoping for steel to turn out a lot better than it did... but I saw both the sienna and steel in the "new courier"/womens besace styles IRL and was tempted to only get the sienna.

    It's kind of hard to see how rich it really is in the pics, but IRL it's SUCH a beautiful color, and im sure it'll look amazing in either courier style. I think if you go for steel you'll just be wishing it was anthracite, that's how i felt just looking at it. Olive is a nice color as well but it really didn't jump at me the same way sienna did.
  15. I like Sienna.. It's look different..