Help Me Choose a Color

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  1. I really like the purple, I definitely agree with Tadpole too!
  2. Wow, the greys are sold out?? That is crazy, it's not even fall yet. The last time I went to Nordies (about 2 weeks ago), I saw the grey quilted ZC. It was pretty, though I wasn't crazy about the lighter colored stitching. Could that be the grey that's already sold out?

    Anyway, I vote to go for the purple. I think the color is just tdf and would transcend seasons. Let us know what you end up with!!
  3. well -- just to let you all know -- I'm going to stick with the black, altho my pics will be slightly delayed due to "unforeseen circumstances"!!!:P

    the black is gorgeous and super soft and the grey stitching is slightly more obvious on the smaller accessories than it is on the larger bags -- just wait til you see it!!!