Help Me Choose a Color

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  1. I'll never tell!!!:nogood::shrugs::nogood:
  2. Yes, I just purchased the newest Black Stam. I just noticed that the stichings are grey. It does not really stand out, you have to really look at it to see that the stichings are grey in colour.
  3. have you posted pics of it??
  4. No, would you like me to post it for you? I can try to take a close up of the stiching so you can see. I'll do it now.
  5. the more I think about it, the more I think that maybe I should have gotten the fucshia -- I should have it tomorrow, so I'll post pics tomorrow night or Sunday
  6. Ok, Here you go. I am sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, as my good camera seems to be missing. I hope you are see the grey stiching on the stam. It's not as bright as in the picture, you have to really look at the stichings are grey.

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  7. the close up
    I am sure you are going to like the black. Eventhough I voted Purple. Like everyone else, black goes with everything. I can't wait to see your new MJ.

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  8. Purple Please
  9. purple!!!!

  10. thanks ashlee -- that actually looks like the pics I've seen so far and you're right, the grey stitching isn't too visable and I was actually hoping it would be (I like the contrast to be more obvious) -- I'll have to wait & see it but I'm thinking I might wind up exchanging this item for the fucshia -- I promise to post pics, however, this weekend and see what everyone thinks

    one reason I went w/black is becuz I'm afraid I might "grow out" of the fucshia after a while -- at the same time, black just seems so boring! Man, I can't believe they sold out of grey already -- I mean fall hasn't even started yet and they're already selling out of f/w items!!
  11. i can't believe they sold out already either. is there going to be anything left come sale time? black is a good choice, but i think you should go with fuchsia. slg should come in fun colors that pop. i can't wait to see what you got!
  12. the fucshia! it is the slg...TDF!! I would go anything in fuschia!
  13. tell me about it! I couldn't believe it when she called me back to tell me -- I said, "fall's not even here yet, how can you be sold out of a f/w item??" She even checked to see if it's back-ordered becuz she said sometimes when something's so popular they will order more -- she thought that maybe they would have done that with this item since the grey sold out so quickly, but no such luck -- she said she knows how I must feel because she wouldn't know what color to choose either with the grey being gone!!! None of the other 3 colors even compare!!:P (of yea -- ivory/white was a choice, but I vetoed that immediately!! Nothing white/ivory for me -- esp a small accessory!)
  14. That is crazy that they've already sold out! :sad: It sure does make you wonder about what will be around in November!
  15. wow so crazy they sold out!