Help Me Choose a Color

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  1. I'm going to buy an MJ accessory (nope -- not gonna tell!!:P)
    My first color choice was grey -- and I was so excited as my order was placed and it was supposed to ship. I was nearly jumping up and down with excitement! Then the dreaded phone call -- grey is sold out COMPANY WIDE (:wtf:), so I have to choose another color -- my choices are the same colors as this season's quilted stams: Purple, Fushia and/or Black. Honestly -- Im not crazy about any of these, but I really want/need this accessory.

    My SA said the Black has grey stitching, but every pic I've seen, it sure looks black to me -- I already have a Plum ZC (from Spring 08), as well as a Plum Stam, so I really don't want Purple, which leaves Fushia, and Im not really a "pink" girl.

    I know w/o knowing what accessory/item I'm getting it might be difficult, but this is something I will use ALL THE TIME with EVERY bag I own.

    What color should I choose? Here's some "help":




  2. It stinks that the gray was sold out since that's obviously what you really wanted:sad: It's always hard when you feel like you're "settling", even though all three of these options are beautiful! You say you'd rather not get anything purple and that you're not a pink girl (fushia's gorgeous, but it's definitely pink), so to me your answer is classic, versatile black. HTH and GL!!!! (Can't wait to see what item this pertains to!)
  3. I am going to vote purple. I've seen all the colours IRL, and I really liked the purple. I know what you mean about grey being sold out. I was looking for a grey stam from bloomingdale's and she said there is no grey bags in the company. Goodluck. I can't wait to see what you got!
  4. Is this an MJ exclusive? No other dept store is getting this in?

    I say go with black.... it'll go with any bag color. The fuschia is too bright.
  5. Quick question: gray EVERYTHING in the company, or just certain items? I'm dying for the Murray Street bag in gray (a boutique exclusive I believe) and wondered if that was included in the list of unavailable grays now. (Sorry to get off track! TIA!)
  6. I just can't do black bags for some reason. Black is just so. . .black. (all you rocker girls, please don't shoot me)
    So I vote for purple, since I'm not a pink gal either.
    Really too bad about the grey.:sad:
  7. im gonna say that you should go with the black, mainly bc it'll match with just about everything. ya' know hun, i'd be able to give you a more "educated" opinion if i only knew what it was that you were getting! *wink wink*

    can't wait to see pictures! when should we be expecting the newest addition to your mj family? (sounds like we're talkin' about you having a new baby or something! lol)
  8. ^roomommy, I thought I was the only one! Every time I get a black bag thinking I'll love it, it's just ITA!! But I love black bags on other people!
  9. Well, I say black, although is the Fuschia, really pink or is it more red? Sometimes these color names MJ gives don't really match with the actually color....I remember the Fuschia small MP from spring that was really red, IMO. So, have you seen Fuschia in person? Ok, so if fuschia is pink, not red, go w/ the black.

    Can't wait to see it!!!!
  10. purple.

  11. Yes -- No:P

  12. just this particular item
  13. can i guess? mj agenda?!
  14. FYI -- this was the color grey -- :sad::crybaby::sad:

  15. I've seen the fucshia IRL and it's definitely pink, not red (it's the same color as the fucshia stam, not the soft exotic alyona/stam) -- I think the fucshia is actually kinda pretty the more I see it, but when I saw the stam IRL I didn't like how the color absorbed into the leather -- it had all these areas all over the bag where there were these black spots (I heard roomommy describe the same thing) -- I ordered the black, so we'll see how it looks -- if it has grey stitching it might be OK, but all I keep seeing is black on black -- has anyone see black w/grey stitching?