Help Me Choose A Color Please

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Which color should i choose ?

  1. Etoupe

  2. Griolet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Im planning to get another H leather bracelet and i'm confused whether i should get an etoupe or griolet ? would love everyone's opinion :yes:
  2. Oh i forgot to mention im getting a kelly double tour bracelet .... pls post pics if you have a kelly double tour in these colors :girlsigh:
  3. I voted for etoupe!
  4. LOL! So hard to choose just one!

    Both of these colours are in my radar for the Rivale double tour bracelet. I am waiting for the Griolet to be shipped to me, and am waiting for the arrival of the Etoupe at my local H store.
  5. What is your skin tone? Both colors are lovely, with etoupe actually standing out a bit more than griolet. I'm not a fan of griolet in the small bracelets. I voted for etoupe as it loks great with both GH and PH and even my yellowy skin. Griolet looked like silly putty on me.
  6. mrssparkles you are making it much harder for me to choose LOL

    hermesmonkey my skin tone is yellowish (im asian) i love the flowers on your avatar what kind are those ?

    thanks irishgal :smile:
  7. What color bags do you have and what colors do you normally wear?
  8. etoupe for me too!
  9. Hi rileygirl i wear different kinds of clothes happy colors and neutrals my birkin is indigo my other bags are mostly in neutral colors
  10. Griolet!
  11. ^ ditto.. good luck!
  12. I voted etoupe,I tried one one,not the double tour (which is also divine!) but a broad one with a large-ish buckle on it,I don't know the name sorry! I thought when it was on about how much it would go with,through all seasons,and I was totally smitten!
  13. Etoupe!
  14. etoupe in my oppinion
  15. What do you plan to wear it with? Do you want to match it with your bag(s)/ outfits or is it a standalone piece? I think etoupe is a true neutral that can work with everything. Griolet won't work so well with browns and creams. I have an etoupe CDC that I've worn with black, brown, khaki, grey, red, fuschia, blue....