Help me choose a color iPod

  1. Silver or blue? I can't decide


  2. I would have to vote Blue!! I have the pink one and also a 30 gb video ipod. :heart:
  3. I think the blue is nice. I got a 60gb video ipod a month ago and I love it.
  4. I have the blue and I love it but I would vote silver for a change (since I've had mine for a couple of years). I have to say the blue is very cool though!!!
  5. Well-I was leaning towards the blue (I love blue-my new cell phone is even blue)-and, so far, these answers are pushing me over the edge.

    Gonna wait for a few more though!
  6. blue!!!!!
  7. Im biased since I have a silver mini,and reg ipod =D..silver!
  8. im voting for blue as well..
  9. Blue!
  10. OK-you have convinced me! LOL

    I have the blue in my cart-all set to buy-just trying to see if anyone has a coupon code or anything.

    Thanks ladies-cause, hubby was of no help with this-LOL
  11. I have blue... I love blue. I dont like the nanos.. My mini works just fine. ;)
  12. Yeah-my 18 year old got a mini last year and his is great!
  13. Nishi621, as far as I know there are no coupons for the Apple store floating around. I want to get my sis one for her birthday and I searched all over the net last week but could not find anything!
  14. Well-I gave up on coupons and just went ahead and ordered it-I am so excited! i was going to get hubby one for a combination anniversary/father's day gift-but, he didn't want one. So, now I am getting one!

    can't wait-hope I am not too old to figure out how to use it.
  15. it's on sale, right? I remember them going for like 150 around christmas at bestbuy
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