Help me choose a color for my future first :D


Which color should I choose for my future first?

  1. anthracite

  2. rouge f/w 2007

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  1. after much thought, i've decided to add a first to my bbag collection...BUT my issue is color. :confused1: i was thinking either anthracite or rouge f/w 2007. i want a color that goes w/ everything, day or night. :nuts: what are your thoughts? TIA! :heart:

    my bbag collection:
    day ~ magenta, rouge theatre, gray
    twiggy ~ greige
    purse ~ ink
    city ~ bordeaux, lilac
  2. since the first is small, i can see the benefit of it having a punchy colour, JMO, and therefore i'd vote for the rouge (you mean vermillion right?) plus it looks stunning against a neutral or colourful wardrobe. in my opinion anthracite is a colour that is too easy to overlook and if you're going for a small bag it may as well have some pop to it! :smile:
  3. thanks evilarchitect! the rouge i'm referring to is the f/w 2007...i know it's not out yet, but i have a feeliing it will be gorgeous!
  4. Rouge, for sure.

    I do prefer the firsts in brighter colors, with the exception of black :yes:
  5. I say anthracite because you already have the BEST red EVER in another style!
  6. thanks MRG and verty! :heart:

    MRG ~ i don't mind having 2 reds as long as they're different styles. :graucho:
  7. My vote goes to rouge. I agree with the other ladies - a red in the first style would go well with anything you wear it with! :heart:
  8. i prefer dark i choose anthracite....:smile: :smile:
  9. rouge!
  10. I voted Rouge cuz the bright colours are so great in the Firsts!!
  11. rouge because I really dont like anthracite
  12. I voted Rouge too. I totally agree with the "pop" element in a small bag like the First! A darker colour can sometimes get a bit lost on a smaller bag, but that's my own personal opinion:yes:
  13. I voted for the FW07 rouge! From the swatch so far - that colour looks fab - almost like 05 RT!
  14. Rouge for sure!!!! A red is a great to have in a first as its a real pop of colour!!!
  15. It's a tough decision, but I voted for rouge. When you take it out at night, you'll have a gorgeous red bag while most people will carry a black one.