Help me choose a color for Dylan shoulder bag?

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  1. Love that!! That is in no way MY idea of camel, but it is purty! ;)
  2. Yeah, my idea of camel is a pale brown, nearly beige. To me this looks like clay because it's the exact reddish-brown color of the clay soil we have in our area.

  3. We have that same red Georgia clay here too!
  4. Stains like hell doesn't it! Ugh! lol

  5. I love the zipper pulls on the older bags...I wish that they would bring them back.
  6. OMG, doesn't it?!? 17 washes later, you might see it get a but lighter.
  7. Look for the Glazed Classic's gorgeous and hardy lambskin! There is a reveal of the everyday satchel in the RM forum.
  8. no reveals yet. it's like a washed purple color. I got it in the pouches first, then wanted the bag. lol