Help me choose a color for Dylan shoulder bag?

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  1. Wow, that Tano is a complicated looking bag!

    Congratulations JLJRN! I think the olive is gorgeous and you got an excellent price. And its so much better to buy where you can return if there's any problem. Post pics when you get it!
  2. riry - just looked at your link and the Tano is much cuter when worn in those irl pictures!
  3. Thanks! If anyone's interested, there's also 1 left in dark olive on MOB 30% off. Promo: match30....bag comes to $277!
  4. carmelita- thanks! i love, love, love that fits my casual-yet-slightly-edgy style.

    JLJRN- gosh, your thread and the fact that I saw the dylan olive shoulder bag last night has got me thinking about it. I don't like to have many too many bags (just 1 or 2 that can match everything and won't clutter up my closet), but it really is an interesting bag. I'm checking out the one on MOB tonight.

    Hmmm.... I'm still on my months-long search for the perfect clutch. Like I said, the dylan espresso did not work out, but now I'm thinking about the same on in OLIVE. This is why I love TPF... all you ladies give such great input and help me find just the perfect item.

    So, JLJRN, while you're waiting for your delicious olive shoulder bag to arrive, I'll be on the hunt for the dylan clutch at a discounted price!!
  5. I agree. I ordered the Dylan tote in espresso when Amazon was having their sale and was surprised at how 'dull' it was in person as compared to pics I'd seen online. Normally I would go for any shade of browns but did not care for this. I really think it needs brass/gold hardware to warm it up.

  6. I got the espresso and love how dark & pebbled it is. I don't think it's dull at all because it's supposed to be dark, dark brown.
  7. Congrats on olive! Hope you love it. I have teak, black, zucca and olive (on order). Can't get enough. Although earlier in the year I ordered the blue & hibiscus (pink) Dylan & didn't like them as well as my teak Dylan & they went back. I tend to like the more subdued colors in LP.
  8. I think for me it was just that it didn't appear that dark in pics, so it was a bit of a shock when I got it in person. I was expecting more of a milk chocolately brown I suppose.

  9. ^^I'm with you LindaP...I didn't care for the espresso at all. My bag also had issues with the panels, some were pebbled and some were very smooth. Although I haven't seen Teak irl, the pics are gorgeous. :drool:
  10. ^^ I got a black dylan that had a smooth front and a pebbled back! I returned it...

    The purple and espresso I got fortunately are evenly pebbled.

    I love milk choc browns too- I just ordered a bag in that color (another brand)!
  11. Have you shown pics of the concord yet??? I wanna see it!
  12. Yes! The difference in texture was very obvious from the side...I didn't care what color it was, it was going back.

    I am also a fan of brown bags...I keep "eyeing" the RM Rich Brown bags. :yes:
  13. We have yet to see a concorde reveal....bring it on! :woohoo:
  14. Once I ordered a Dylan bag in fuschia that came that way, even though it was purchased on sale from LP with 'no returns' they allowed me to return it for a full refund. Not only was the texture uneven but it had some dark streaks.

    I LOVE brown bags! I don't even own one black bag, brown looks much better with my coloring.

    This is a color called 'camel' I got from a sample sale, that was never put on the market. It's a great shade of brown with some reddish tones.