Help me choose a color for Dylan shoulder bag?

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  1. The Fall colors are all so luscious I can't decide. Which of these colors do you think looks the richest and least "run of the mill" : iron, dark olive or expresso. For reference I already have a black slouchy Cole Haan tote, an MBMJ hillier in dirty martini- a LV mono monty PM (which isn't leather so I don't really count that. My casual wardrobe consists mainly of skinny jeans in denim and cargo-I wear greys, faded fatigue and olive. I really love all the colors but want to feel I got something different that doesn't look so typical. Any thoughts? preferences? BTW, they're on EBAY, NWTs for $318, free shipping-good deal?
  2. I have a bag in that dark olive and it's just gorgeous. Very neutral and hip at the same time.
  3. I had the iron and it was a great color. One word of warning, look at the pics carefully. Some of the iron bags have been knows to have darker streaks on the back. My first one did, but my replacement was awesome.

    I haven't seen it irl, but a couple people have said the espresso color is a little dull irl. Not sure though because I haven't seen it. It sounds like iron or olive would be a good choice for you.
  4. I have the Iron bag - absolutely love the medium-gray color, but am now sad after a few spots of color rub-off from dark jeans (and yes, I treated it 3 times with Wilson's TLC non-aerosol spray...that's another story). So, the Iron gray is awesome BUT can have some issues as sandc mentioned. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the spots out or what to do next and carmelita has encouraged me to speak up about it, so I will... I just don't want you to have the same problem, so if you love the Iron get it, just don't treat it with the TLC non-aerosol spray!

    I talked a colleague into ordering the Medium Tote in Olive during the 25% sale, and when she got it I almost cried. It is gorgeous. Not boring or typical at all. I love it, she loves it, and she report being stopped on the street with compliments. So I would feel "safer" in recommending the Olive to you for what you are describing.

    I know you will love this bag!
  5. I ordered the expresso dylan clutch during the recent 40% sale, and was surprised when it arrived. Sandc is right, is was quite dull. I think partly because the gunmetal hardware blended too much into the dark color of the leather. I sent it right back.

    I agree with kristinmcd, the olive is beautiful. It never stood out to me on any of the websites, but last night, I was looking around in the Cusp store and saw an olive Dylan. I had to pick it up and show it to my friend because of how lovely and unique it was. I regret not buying it during the Amazon sale!
  6. Here's my olive LP [​IMG]
  7. Now if you didn't tell me, I would swear that bag was grey hmmm...must be the lighting
  8. Phew, I'm glad sweetsusan admits to almost crying when she saw her colleague's olive bag. I felt the same way when I saw the bag last night in the store. It really must be seen IRL to be fully appreciated.

    JLJRN, is there any store near you that carries the dylans?

  9. Unfortunately no, not since Nordstroms no longer carries the brand.. I Was wondering out of these 2 places, where would you purchase (since its my first LP): on ebay-NWT for $318 no tax/shipping. Or pay a little more at the offical LP site for $335 (incl 15% discount-no tqx or shipping). Should I hold off for a better deal? Its normally $395....anyone?
  10. Definitely go for the place where you can return it and get a full refund if you don't like it, especially since it's your first LP and you haven't seen these IRL. The LP site is a little more money, but it's worth it because of the great return policy. Maybe some of the other ladies have seen it for a better price?
  11. Well, I just ordered it from using the F&F sale and an old coupon code I was allowed to stack-total came to $274 which makes me happy! I'll post pics when it arrives. And to think, 2 days ago I never heard of this brand, now I'm a little obsessed with it! thanks for your help ladies!
  12. Congrats on the great price and awesome return-policy store!! Is there a specific F&F code?

  13. It's FALLFRIEND 20% off everything-no exclusions....but hurry, ends 10/3!