help me choose a cles please - mono vs. azur


which cles should i get?

  1. mono

  2. damier azur

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  1. help me choose a cles please.

    should i go with the classic (boring?) mono or a damier azur? i'm not too crazy about the azur so i don't own anything in that line but i think a cles is cute.

    i'm not a collector so i'm looking for something i'll be using regularly.

    vote for me peeps!
    p10022481_ph_hero.jpg azur.jpg
  2. i love the damier azur cles
  3. ^Me too.
  4. if you don't like any of those what about the vernis? but i vote mono in that
  5. I am loving the damier Azur right now
  6. I've had a bad experience with my Azur cles. I only use my cles for coins so with the rubbing... the interior is all icky now =( That's why I would choose the mono.
  7. mono
  8. damier azur! love the colors..
  9. Personally I'd go w/the mono...
  10. Azur, it's more fun than Mono. IMO.
  11. azur. i'm not fond of it but i love azur in small accessories

  12. Oooh, never thought about the coins making the interior icky... I can see that happening. So I guess the inside of the cles is the same as the speedies & sayeya, huh? The cream ultrasuede...?

    HOWEVER - I would still rather go with Azur over Mono. Like you said, Mono = boring... I must agree. But there are lots of others that you might like. I am partial to the reg. damier in the cles.:yes:
  13. JMO... Really no difference except mood colors. The regular monogram will be just as dirty. I'm not sure if out of sight is a good analogy.:s
  14. mono
  15. i would love a vernis cles in pomme d'amour but the size just seems a bit akward versus the mono/damier. i guess it's because it's a striaght rectangle versus rounded sides? anyways i want one that i could throw around and use it as a wallet with my small bags and i don't think i will be comfortable using a vernis one like that.

    it's a tough one to decide... isn't it? :p