help me choose a city color

  1. Hi ladies, I'm having a dilemma... I'm now contemplating on exchanging my ink city to a black city. What should I do? This is my 1st bbag. Any suggestions?
  2. I agree. I don't think the box satisfies as the twiggy.
  3. I would keep the ink~
  4. I would keep the ink too. I just really love mine.
  5. ink is a much fun color IMO
  6. I vote to keep ink. For the most part it looks black with blue/purple undertones anyways, so the color has more dimension to it. I love mine to death, and it is my first too :smile:
  7. I would keep the ink, because the black is a staple color. You will always be able to find one. But ink is for this season only, and may be harder to get hold of later if you decide you miss it. It goes with everything, the color has some variation in different lights, and is just! (Black seems SO dark to me for a summer bag.)
  8. Wow.. I just read my post and I think I responded to the wrong thread here! I would definitely keep the ink. Black comes out practically every season, there will be plenty of opportunity to get the black again. Ink will not be so readily available. It's an absolutely gorgeous color. Keep the ink!
  9. Another vote for ink! As the season is ending, this color will be very hard to find. Anyone notice how many "Ink" threads are going on right now? I think there's going to be a mad rush for it in the coming weeks...
  10. I know! I'll be very interested to see the outcome of this! I think PF has raised the excitement for ink, we should be the one marketing this LOL *holding on tightly to my ink city and coin purse:shame:*
  11. :lol: :lol: LOL

    How do you like your coin purse? Does it fit a lot?
  12. I'm partial to a Black City but in the pre-fall 2005 leathers.
  13. Ink City!
  14. Ink City! You can have blac next time. balenciaga has them every season.
  15. I actually use it as my wallet now (the zippered front compartment as coin holder, and the main compartment to put bills & cards) :nuts: I've been looking for ways to downsize my wallet as I tend to keep junk around, this way it's so much better for me :shame: And if I have to run out really quick (go to lunch, run quick errands), I throw in my keys & cellphone in it too (on top of the junk I already have in) so it works as a clutch :lol: It gets bulky when I do that, but very useful, and my cellphone isn't small either so I'm very happy with it :biggrin: