Help me choose a cabas chyc tote before they are no longer..

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  1. I've been eyeing this classic style for awhile. Is now the time to invest, before the Y is a thing of the past? What style do people prefer?

    Light sepia large
    Black lizard effect
    Classic black large
    Mini beige



  2. Personally I like the Classic Black but I'd say ist depends on what bags you own already, how you wanna use it etc.
  3. I own the large one in black and I love this bag so much. It goes with everything! :smile: But as Coffee Addicted said, you should go for the bag you love the most :smile:
  4. I'm initially drawn to the black, but I bought celine luggage in smooth black and thought I should branch out. The mini in beige could be very cute for a totally different use. Is the large size comfortable for an everyday work bag?
  5. Absolutely! I have the black, and I wear it as a work bag. I also wear it casual when I think I need more room to tote a sweater, book, etc. Very this bag! Looks like a purse but holds a lot! Can't rave enough! And, the leather is so amazing. Gets even better with age. You will not be disappointed if you go in this direction.
  6. 1. Black with lizzard effect
    2. Mini beige

    Only get the sepia if you absolutely love the colour.
  7. I love sepia! :smile:
  8. I wonder if this bag is easy to take care of. The SA told me don't let a drop of water fall on a bag because stains will appear and last forever. Is it true?
  9. I hope that's not the case. I walk to work and i'll be too scared to take it out if it gets watermarked that easily.
  10. don't worry, the chycs will stay. thats what they aren't discontinuing :smile: :heart: thank goodness

    but i would go for the black! its universal
  11. Well I've gone with my instincts and the consensus for the large smooth black style. It's on it's way! Must buy colour next time...
  12. I want to get a black one too..
    do you think its age appropriate for a 23 year old?
  13. It's appropriate for any age. Check out a YouTube reveal for a large chyc bag in blue by a girl who goes to school :biggrin:
  14. Well I am a bit older than you, but I don't think there is an age limit to look good with this bag. ;) The black is quite elegant and timeless. I think the medium size with the shoulder strap looks a bit more edgy, but these are hard to find.
  15. Hello! I just purchased the black one with gold hardware :love:. I personally believe that it is a classic piece, and is age appropriate for young ladies (all ages really). I love the other seasonal colors as well. But when I purchased this bag I really wanted something that will be timeless and I didn't want to worry about the color fading/transfer. So it overall depends on your preference, but to sum up my answer yes! Go for it!