Help me choose a Boston?

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  1. Hi Gucci girls! I'm torn between this 2. As I'm new to Gucci (Always a LV gal), and this 2 really caught my eyes. Really like the gg one with the wine color handle (web exclusive), and the Black Vintage Web with strap is just so classic... which one will you choose?

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  2. You can't go wrong with either one but personally, I'd go with the black leather vintage web boston - iconic with the red and green webbing and it's sturdy leather. Also it comes with a leather strap!
  3. I know this doesn't help you choose, but I don't think you could go wrong with either one. They're both exquisite bags. Although I am drawn more to the GG wine than the Black Web. Something about the wine just really stands out.
  4. 1 to 1... I know it right... this is killing me :lol:
  5. Me for the black. First anyway :graucho:
  6. ok... just read through the Gucci forum, seems like Gucci does go on sale quite often, any chance these bags will go on sale on December? are they classic pieces, should I wait? I'm a total Gucci newbie :P
  7. ^It depends. Usually the sale items are seasonal pieces in terms of colours and styles or pieces that never sold from a few prior seasons. So far, none of my Gucci bags I purchased at full price have been on sale - those were my classic bostons and BTH. If you want you could wait for the sale but you will definitely need to presale with your SA if something like those bostons are going to be on sale. They would go fast!
  8. Are these 2 boston seasonal pieces? Sorry I'm so unfamiliar with them...
  9. ^There's usually a boston at the sale but for some reason, I'd be surprised if they put the vintage leather one on sale. The more likely one would be the wine gg plus but that's only if they don't sell out first.
  10. Thanks GhstDreamer! you are def a Gucci expert :smile: The wine gg is website exclusive and I wonder if they do make a lot of it... I will be so sad if it does go on sale after couple months!
  11. I prefer the black leather... really stands out..
  12. I would go for the black leather boston because you will have it forever and it goes with anything! I was thinking that maybe the wine boston will go on sale because of the color also what GhstDreamer said but the sale is right around the corner..maybe you can wait it out???:wacko: without going crazy..haha
  13. I like the GG plus material on the joy Boston but prefer the versatility of the black vintage web Boston and the fact that it has a shoulder strap.
  14. Black Vintage Web with strap for sure you will love it!
  15. black is the bomb!!! You won't regret it!!!!