Help me choose a blue!

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  1. I really need a blue (day) in my wardrobe that I can basically wear with anything. Heres the colors im looking at 05 teal, cornflower, sky blue, or blue inda? I can't decide, I love all the colors! any suggestions be great, esp if anyone has all colors. TIA :heart:
  2. My first choice would be BI and second 05 Teal if you can find one.:smile: Good luck!:idea:
  3. Blue India or Cornflower blue seem to be a good compliment to the colors you already have... :smile:

    Good luck!
  4. My choices would be '05 Teal and then Blue India.
  5. cornflower's lovely!
  6. cornflower
  7. Teal or blue india! Both have just the right pop of color. Cornflower's pretty but I find that it blends in with my denim sometimes. Sky blue is gorgeous, but may not be as year-round as teal/BI (not that I'm a stickler for "seasonality!").
  8. What about aquamarine? I just got mine yesterday and it is a lot like teal 05, but a little brighter - and a lot easier to find. Other than that, I would go for the Blue India.
  9. I have owned teal, sky, and BI. Whereas BI, is very pretty, I thnk the other two go with everything better.
    Cornflower looks really versatile as well.
  10. I have not seen Teal IRL, and Sky Blue tends toward fading : ( BI is beautiful, but has a lot of turquoise in it (sometimes hard to match). I would choose Cornflower, it's a true blue and very, very versatile!

    I wish you well,

  11. blue india - its great!!!!!!!!!
  12. From your list of choices, I think I'd go with Cornflower :yes:
  13. aquamarine and BI.
  14. Cornflower out of al the blue's you mentioned...Have you considered Blueberry?
  15. cornflower gets my vote