Tech Help Me Choose A Blackberry!

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  1. In a month and a half, I will be able to upgrade to a new phone. I am a Sprint customer currently using an android phone, and quite frankly, I am impressed, but it isn't what I am looking for.
    I am very interested in getting a Blackberry. I use the internet alot, as well as email and texting. That's about it! I just use a few apps on Android, and I can find the same ones on Blackberry. I feel that I would be happier with how a Blackberry works more than how an Android works...
    So with all that, what are your experiences?
    What do you like most about your Blackberry and why?
    Thank you!
  2. The BB definitely has a learning curve. I have had all kinds phones and when I got BB it threw me for a loop. I had the BB storm first gen. Once you get to learn it though it can be a great tool. I do perfer my iphone more though but that is just my opinion. We you looking for the Storm or the Torch?

    Pros: messenger, different profiles for texts, calls and people

    Cons: Keyboard, OS can be a little slow and learning curve
  3. I love my bb9700 bold, but then I dont need a touch screen. Would suggest either this one or Torch:smile:.
  4. Bold 9700 is the best one out there, there's currently some apps that works on all BB but the Torch.
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    I love my bb bold 9700 but i never go on the internet because blackberry internet suuuuucks! I get jealous of my boyfriends superfast/ big screen droid incredible
  6. Bold 9700!
  7. I don't mind the touchscreen, but it can be annoying if i am doing nything other than surking on the net. I hate using it for making calls... it is really laggy and drives me nuts! Is the Curve like a beginner Blackberry? I took a look at the Curve and the Bold so far. The Torch isn't available yet for Sprint, but it might be by the time I get my upgrade.
  8. curve and bold work the same as far as i know...i had a pearl before and had no trouble switching to bold. so i don't think there is a 'beginner' phone for blackberry
  9. Bold is the upper model, Curve is mid-range.
  10. If you use the net a lot, you'll be disappointed in the BB...unless you get the Torch.

    What specifically are you looking for in a phone and why don't you like the phone you currently have?
  11. i second this and was going to say it and charles beat me to it.

    internet on an android phone is WORLDS apart from internet on a black berry.

    i had the black berry storm and hated using the internet on it.... used my dad's regular blackberry (bold maybe - a few years old) and i hated it even more.
  12. Well ILuvShopping and Charles, I find that the Android is buggy. I wanted something more solid and less likely to freeze up. Who knows... I might end up with another Android phone, but we will see.
    I don't really use all the apps as much as I thought I would. I would much rather have a smartphone that has a reliable performing platform, and that is why I was thinking Blackberry.
    I am on Sprint, and I heard that there is going to be a new Blackberry 6 OS coming out by the end of this year for my carrier. I think a Sprint version of the Torch will be coming out next year, but I am definitely getting rid of my Samsung Moment. Not a very good Android phone in my experience.
  13. I have the 9700 and have no problems with internet...
  14. ^^ I completely agree. I have no problems with the internet on my 9700, in fact it's perfect. For regular, every day surfing it's great. Obviously there are certain things you need to use a computer for and can't use your berry but that goes for all mobile devices.

    Get the 9700, it's awesome! :tup:
  15. Valid points. What phone is it?

    Here's a review of the Torch. It mentioned the internet issues with the old BBs

    The Storm 3 has the new BB OS6 and is a CDMA phone, so it should be on Sprint/Verizon.