Help me choose a black mini square!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    Shall I get a black mini square with
    1) Matt gold hardware or
    2) Silver hardware?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Silver if you want a casual look or matte gold if you want a slightly dressier look.
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  3. +1
  4. it's based on preference honestly. i have black square mini with SHW and use it as a daily bag. i also have black jumbo with GHW and also use it as a daily bag. either way if you have the luxury of getting a mini, then i would not hesitate to get it, silver or gold bc they sell out so fast!! in all colors and in all hardware. good luck and please share after u make your decision.
  5. Silver easier to maintain... matte ghw will change color if you don't like the look.
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  6. Do you have access to both? Either one would be lovely but it also depends on what you might already have in your collection.

    Please share where if you don't mind as I am on the hunt. You can PM me :smile:.
  7. I'm biased. I will pick silver x
  8. Silver
  9. Silver, it's fresher
  10. Matt gold hardware ;)
  11. In my collection, I have a
    1)medium black with gold hardware
    2)patent burgundy WOC with silver hardware
    3)le boy medium flap with brushed sliver hardware

    So... Ladies... Based on my collection... What shall I get? Mini with shw or brushed ghw?
  12. Matte gold its the best of both worlds. A bit more casual than regular shiny gold but still adds a but of dressiness. Personally i think the combination of gold and black leather is fail proof when it comes to Chanel. Good luck.:smile:
  13. Mini with brushed GHW but either will be perfect for your collection