Help me choose a black epi bag!

  1. Keep in mind that I'm VERY casual - rarely dress up. I'm trying to decide between the Alma, Jasmin and Speedy. Which would you choose and why? Thanks everyone!
  2. Love the Speedy!!!!!
  3. Speedy 30 all the way! Something so classic about that bag. The Jasmin is pretty as well though.
    I personally don't like the Alma.. (except for my Graffiti Alma!) :love:
  4. I adore epi Almas! But, since you are very casual, I would have to say Speedy! Looks great either casual or dressed up.
  5. Alma is my favorite, won't sag as much as the speedy. I think it looks great with dressy and casual attire. The jasmin is cute but way too small for me.
  6. I have the epi Alma in canelle. I think the Alma is great in that you can carry it by hand, or get the matching strap and let it hang off the shoulder.
    My next black epi item is going to be the black epi lockit !
  7. My vote goes towards the Epi Alma.
  8. I love the Jazmin. I'm about to get one myself. Can you believe my friend got one from a wedding she was attending! And yes it is authentic. Such a beautiful bag. I like the speedy but the alma is a nono! Just my opinion.
  9. ITA!

    I have a moka Alma and my next purchase will be a black Alma.
  10. Alma or Lockit.
  11. Speedy 30!!
  12. Black Epi Alma gets my vote. That is one gorgeous-looking bag! Have you seen the new Madeleine? I haven't seen it IRL, but it looks really nice in black according to a tPF member's pictures of hers.
  13. i had this same dilemma and went with the bowling... i didn't like it at all. i say speedy all the way... it is stunning casually!!
  14. get the speedy:tup:
  15. my favorite bag from the Epi line is the Jasmin. the style and shape is not as common as the Speedy and not as severe-looking as the Alma