Help me choose a black bag!

  1. I want to get a nice black bag...that I can wear on any occassion.(college student)
    Help me choose between:
    Balenciaga City (Black)
    Miu Miu Bow Satchel (Black)

  2. i vote for the City! it definately has staying power and commands attention!
  3. I second the City! I love mine and carry it around everywhere! Just keep in mind that it's not going to fit textbooks or folders..
  4. Thanks for the input! What is the exact measurement? (is it similar to LV speedy 30?) smaller/bigger?
  5. Definitely the B bag!
  6. Okay quick the giant part time (blackw/gold) too heavy? Do you think city is a better way to go...since it's a classic?
  7. Miu Miu!!!
  8. My vote is for a Black City with regular hardware. I just don't care for the Giant Hardware and yes, it does add a lot of weight, imo.

    Happy Shopping!!!
  9. City! I just got my first one yesterday (after only having Twiggys prior) and I am in love with the size/shape. Plus, Bal's have great resale value if you decide to sell it later. :tup: Reg HW. Measurements: 15 X 10....
  10. Balenciaga