help me choose a bag!

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  1. i am thinking about buying a used b-bag in colors that I don't have...
    its either the
    Turquoise GGH Work bag 2008
    Charbon Rh city bag 2009
    Maldives rh city bag 2009
    light blue (i don't know the color) rh city bag 2009

    please help me choose! i wanted something with color, but i am not sure. the turquoise bag seems to fade with time... is that something that happens alot? I love the light blue color, but don't know what its called...
  2. #2 Oct 21, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2010
    I definitely will skip 08 Turquoise since it has fading problems. Charbon is the rich dark brown color which could be a everyday bag. Maldives, Ciel and Blue Layette are the light blue colors in 2009. Those colors are very light and feminite. I personally don't like Ciel since it is the grayish blue which looks faded even when it is new. Blue Layette and Maldive would look fantastic when they are new, just be careful of color transfer. Between Maldives and Layette, I prefer Maldives.

    Here is lovelygarment's Maldive SGH City. Isn't she gorgeous?

  3. I vote for maldives but if you want to go basic choose charbon.
  4. Charbon (everyday) or Maldives (need to be more careful)... I love lovelygarments' Maldives!
  5. Agreed.
  6. thanks eeryone... i found out the color of the last one... its called blue layette. i really can't decide... i think turquoise is out because of the issues with the fading.. i really like the maldives...but i like the blue layette too... how much difference is there in color between the maldives and blue layette??? are they pretty similar?? are they both limited edition colors?
  7. Maldives has fading issues vote charbon out of those...or papeete which is similar to maldives
  8. Charbon, just because you have to be more careful with the lighter colors.
  9. i have a maldives CGH city, and i love it. the color is very unique. go with that, or with what wonderwoman suggested, papeete, because maldives does have some fading issues, and i'm not sure if the same could be said for papeete, but they're in the same color family, and they're both gorg. either those two or charbon. i guess it depends on if you want a pop of color or something more practical.