Help me choose a bag!!! :)


Help me pick a bag!!! :)

  1. Whiskey Edith

  2. Chamois Edith

  3. Silverado Hobo

  4. Black Muse

  5. White Muse

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  1. I'm about to graduate and my darling bf wants to get me something special! I'm trying to target a more classic bag cuz it's going to be a special gift and I want something that I can keep and love for a long time...

    Originally I thought I'd go for something Chloe cuz I'm a huge Chloe fan - I was thinking maybe a large Edith (whiskey or chamois) or a Silverado hobo (not paddy cuz I already have one)... but then I'm really tempted by the YSL Muse too!!! I definitely want the Oversized cuz I'm in the mood for big bags... but I'm undecided between black / white...

    Oh dear please help me decide!!!!!!!!!! :shame:
    83_1.JPG NMV7455_mp.jpg muse.white.jpg
  2. I pick the Muse. The pic you have there is of the chocolate though. The Muse's choco is quite dark but it's a superb colour! I have it in the large size. So, my choice would be the Muse in choco but that's not on your list, lol! Besides that, I would pick the white Muse!
  3. I would pick the Muse too. But I like the white muse a lot! And instead of black, I would pick the chocolate muse too. Both are classics, but so are the Chloes. You could dress up or down with any of these bags.
  4. Oh right it's the chocolate - thanks, Sue and BL!!! Yup I agree the chocolate looks so nice too. Another option to add to my list! :amuse:
  5. I vote for the Black Muse as well...I've been looking at it recently, and it's a good classic bag to have. Unique shape, holds a lot, and something that grows with you.
  6. Chocolate Muse! It is divine!
  7. Another vote for the Chocolate Muse (you have a photo of it posted - but I think you listed it as "black" in your poll).
  8. If you want to select a bag that you'll be wearing years from now I suggest a black Muse. It is the most classic out of the choices you posted IMO.
  9. Does anyone have a picture of the black Muse??? Somehow I can only find pics of the chocolate... :huh:
  10. Whiskey edith or YSL white muse.
  11. i've voted for the Muse in black... very classic looking! congrats on graduating!!! :smile:
  12. Chocolate Muse for me...
  13. I voted for the black muse as well, but I also think the chocolate would be a great choice - it really depends on what colours you wear it with, if you would get most use of a black or a brown bag.