Help me choose a bag......

  1. I just turned 30 and would like an MC bag, i like bags that i can carry on my shoulder, but i am not limited to sholder bags only. I would like a kind of MC bag that can be carried for years to come, and suitable for my age. The size i like is medium or large. Nothing small or too gigantic.

    PS. I would also like to purchase an Azur bag and i would appreciate if some of you who own Azur could tell me how hard is it to keep it clean and will it turn yellow. Thanks everybody !!!
  2. What about the Priscilla or Aurelia MM if you need a shoulder bag? My first choice will be the Priscilla though:love: I love the shape and it's a good size too . As for the Azur, I don't think it'll turn yellow and it's easy to maintain just like the Mono or Damier canvas.
  3. I also suggest the Aurelia MM or the Audra?
  4. Thanks Lee69, Priscilla looks great, i dont know why i never noticed it before. I thank you for your oinion.
  5. I agree with Lee69, the Priscilla is TDF and so beautiful IRL, its on my wishlist!
  6. I love the audra!
  7. Thanks John 5, you allways answer my questions, Aurelia MM is amazing too. Well, you guys have been lot of help as usual. I will now have to decide between Aurelia MM or Priscilla. Wish i could just get them both!
  8. I'd get an Aurelia...and also, the Azur is great and shouldn't turn yellow.
  9. What about the MC Alma!? It's a classic style!
  10. MC Speedy?
    I have the Azur Speedy but haven't used often enough to comment on practicality sorry.
  11. I'd suggest the MC Noé PM, or the MC Lodge PM/GM

    Also, the azur is easy to keep clean. All you need is a swift wipe with a damp cloth on the canvas:yes:

    Good luck!
  12. I would go for an MC Speedy or an MC Noe PM. :yes:
  13. my favorite is the Trouville in white; i absolutely love mine, and it's not as common as the Speedy
  14. MC Noe PM!!! Gorgeous Gorgeous bag!!
  15. my vote is for the MC Alma or Speedy. I have both and love them.