HELP ME CHOOSE A BAG!SA SENT 3!!!and Prada belt..eek

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Belt is way too big and flashy for me...dragon bag is Too ginormous and its 2850..eek...
    The brown antic satchel is AMAZING and so mushy.its 2450..the green nylon tote Im in love with too..LOL at 890-
    DECISIONS!!!! My Prada SA sent these on consignment..I must choose today..HELP ME!I want the Antic Satchel and the green bag but PHH may kill me if i do both..hhmmm..LOL..What do you think?????
    I was also considering the Gucci Britt tote in Im unsure which brown bag to buy.The Gucci is ONLY (LOL) 1650-
  2. [​IMG]
    i like these
  3. Get the antic satchel - the nylon totes will always be around later (maybe on sale....) :P
  4. ^ YOU were right..That dragon bag is HUGE..LOL..and the strap isnt long enough to wear messenger style..only a shoulder strap
  5. Can number 3 be worn as a messenger?? Across body bags are big this season!! but number 2 looks great... 2 or 3!!!!
  6. Jill, I love bag number 3. I think that's the antic satchel. The color is just so dimensional.
  7. the one with the gold chain and dragon clasp has ONLY hand and shoulder strap-its too big for me IRL..I like the dark brown satchel the best..and the green nylon tote
  8. You think the satchel is really worth spending 2450?????
  9. the satchel has the messenger strap too..which I LOVE..LOL

  10. I vote for the satchel, Jill. It looks really smushy. Forget the nylon!
  11. Come on Jill, do you really have to ask that question? :yes: Yes! For the love of Prada it is!:tender:
  12. I love either of the leather bags.
  13. Im gonna be dead wife..LOL..good thing my anniversary is this week..this is gonna be my gift..LOL
  14. How weird my Anniversary is August 14th, we are going to Cape May for the weekend.
  15. we are going to AC...hate AC..but PHH loves it so I am going just to make him happy..LOL..ESPECIALLY after what I am spending on bags..