help me choose a bag please!=)

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  1. comes down to two bags.. the balenciaga day or the chloe paddington..which one do you like better as an everyday bag? :graucho:

    oh..and disregard the colors i chose..i'm choosing based on STYLE

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  2. WOW! Talk about different sides of the spectrum!!!

    For an every day bag I'd definitely say the Balenciaga day bag, mostly because it's such a lightweight bag. I love my Chloe Paddy, but after a little while, it starts to get a little heavy (I know you can take off the padlock, but then the bag looses all its charm!) Balenciaga bags are so lightweight, but made extremely well.
  3. haha yeah..would you say that the balenciaga day has more longevity than the paddington?
  4. Balenciaga. :yes: The Chloe does get heavy. I think the Balenciaga will be more comfy on the shoulder and it will fit more.
  5. BBag!
  6. BBag definately. Paddy is heavy and to be honest I'm bored with it - so faked!
  7. BBag.
  8. Balenciaga definitely. It's really timeless and so slouchy. Love the leather on it.
    While the Paddington seens so stiff and I think it's really over.
  9. I like the day bag. It is beautiful and seems to be more comfortable to wear.
  10. Another vote for B-bag, it is light and have great smooshy leather :smile:
  11. B Bag! very stylish..
  12. Definitely the Balenciaga Day!
  13. Balenciaga Day. I have both a Chloe Paddington and a Balenciaga Day, and I prefer the Bbag because it is lightweight and has plenty of room.
  14. I would say the Balenciaga as well.
  15. Definitely the b-bag!