Help me choose a Bag Charm .... pretty please

  1. Hello galz and gentz! :p

    I need .... okay .... WANT to buy a bag charm for my Black Multicolore Speedy 30.

    But I am un-sure on which one to get. :shrugs:

    So to all my fellow :heart: LV LOVERS :heart: ..... Which bag charm would go best with my speedy?

    Thanks in advanced for your help! :biggrin:
  2. I personally wouldn´t put a bag charm on such a "busy" bag as the mc speedy.
  3. Me neither, unless it's white MC. Like the astrpill or the heart, or cles.
  4. Yeah, I was kind of thinking that to. :yes:

    There is SO much color on the MC Speedy that the bag charm just might get "lost". :sad:
  5. ya, i agree an MC speedy already has enough going on, it doesnt need anything else
  6. Personally the bag is bling enough on its own. I wouldnt put anything on it.
  7. ^ITA:yes: