Help me choose a 3rd item.....

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What should I get as my 3rd item?

  1. Bordeaux Gucci Boston

  2. Black leather Gucci web pump to match the bag

  3. LV Damier Neverfull GM

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  1. #1 Sep 12, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2010
    As you ladies know I will be getting these bags, most likely tomorrow:
    I can get a third item and I am not sure if should get:
    AN LV DAMIER NEVERFULL GM???? Please help!!

    Part of me thinks it's better to get a bag cause it will last longer than the shoes that are constantly on the ground:biggrin:. I love LV but love Gucci too and feel I get more bag for my money with Gucci. Please understand that those 3 are the only options...other suggestions are not an option.
  2. :biggrin:I'm luvin the pump and the boston! Gucci will design more lovely bostons.

    However, the pump is stunning to match the bag you have the bag with the web-stripe and the shoe a fabluous look!:smile:

    Go for the pump such a stunning look!
  3. Wow, we are in the same dilemma I was thinking on getting a bordeaux boston and a epi speedy 30, or just save up for a Empriente Artsy mm. I think you should go with your gut instinct. If you get all three bostons ,you should be complete. P.S. we will be bags twins by tomorrow, I cant get enough of my black web boston. I just love her.:biggrin:
  4. LOL!!! So cool! Also I thought about getting the black epi 25 cause I have been wanting that bag for the longest and I keep putting it off!
  5. I too love both equally. LV is a bit pricier; however, personally I'm not a fan of the Boston bags.
  6. I vote the shoes to complete your ensemble!
  7. Another vote for the shoes. There will always be more Bostons and I'm very biased toward Gucci, so the LV wouldn't even be an option for me.
  8. Me too :P

    Div4life you have the figure and style to carry these shoes off, day or eve (or day-into-eve ;))

    Unless you are dreaming of this dark red trimmed Boston (and I know you already have more). You could also wait a week or so for your 3rd item and see what the 90 year anniversary Bostons will be like. Milan Fashion Week, and Gucci S/S show, is only a week away, see wahat the future holds.
  9. Ooohh good point PT...I didn't even know this was happening!!!!!
  10. I bet pumps would make you real happy right now. Every item you posted is on my to get list and I figured the boston with bordeaux trim can wait until November. I think that bag will go on sale or to the outlet.
  11. Great points!!!:biggrin:
  12. Wow 90 year anniversay bostons. I'm flipping out :nuts:thank you PT for the info.
  13. To clarify:

    I just meant the Boston's made in Gucci's 90th year. I have no inside info that there will actual special 90th year Bostons, but then again there could be.

    The vintage style Bostons from this season are special and were designed to celebrate Guccis herritage. The mid-1970s was Gucci's heyday. Britt Ekland, who was seen carrying Gucci in many a photo IRL even carried a 1973 Gucci bag when playing Mary Goodnight in Man with a Golden Gun (1974) (at the Thai kickboxing stadium if anyone wants to check it out :graucho:).
  14. Ahhhh! Interesting! I love the history behind it all.:biggrin: