Help me choose: a '09 Black or an '09 Anthracite City?

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Black or Anthracite?

  1. '09 BLACK City

  2. '09 ANTHRACITE City

  3. Neither :(

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Currently I have two Day bags: vert foret and sapphire (looovveee both). Now want a City bag! Since I don't have a black bag I love, I was going to get a black city, however, anthracite is so pretty and more unique.

    I need a bag I can carry every day and for a while.

    Which one should I go for - a '09 Black or an '09 Anthracite City?
  2. I would go for a 07/08 anthra or 09 city, sorry but I don´t like 09 anthra too much...:yes:
  3. Oooh, tough decision. I'd personally wait to see the 09 Anthra before making a decision. 08 Anthra had a lot of Blue tones vs. the 07 Plomb which was more a dark steel color, which I preferred more. However, we're taking about you not, if you like a unique color, I'd go for Anthra because you can always get Black year round.
  4. Get the 09 black city! There have been raves about the leather being lush and the black really saturated. The tones of the 09 Anthra might or might not agree with you, unless you've already seen it IRL and you're already in love, then I'll say get the Anthra.
  5. I voted for Black 09 City. I got one and the color is a deep deep dark black. I love it! Perfect everyday bag.
  6. Can not choose, go for both!
  7. I haven't seen 09 Anthra, but LOVE my 08's. I know the 09 Black is supposed to be super (haven't seen that either) so it really depends on what you like/want. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with a Black City so maybe get that now and your next bag could be Anthra?
  8. If you want from 09, Black City.
  9. I'd go for Anthra, like you said it's different and unique! Gorgeous color :heart:
  10. Ahthra for me!!!
  11. Black city = perfect classic b-bag. :heart:

    Some anthra's look like faded black bags to me which I don't like: they can also be either too green or blue for my taste. So I'd go black all the way!
  12. I voted for the anthra. Only because they always have black and black always pops up on ebay, bonanzle. I think the anthra is much more interesting.
  13. i say go for the black as it is the most versatile ... anthracite is personal, so unless you see it IRL first and absolutely fall in love with, i would get the black city first.
  14. my vote goes for black city. I have an 08 anthra bag and personally I don't think the color is as versatile as black, besides 09 black is super! I got my hands on a 09 black work and env clutch and they are such deep black
  15. I voted for the black city.....