Help me choose - 5th year wedding anny and birthday!

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  1. Hi all -

    Our 5th year wedding anniversary is coming up this Sunday, and my birthday is 2 weeks away... my DH gave me a hint yesterday that he will get me ONE nice gift for both anny and b-day!! At first, I wanted something romantic like renewing our vowes in Vegas (that's where we got married 5 yrs ago) and get new wedding bands. However, I am so attached to my beat-up-out-of-style wedding band so much. Since I have an option of a NICE gift from DH.... I am thinking of something from LV, but what should I get? Perhaps a nice bag (dont exactly have anything in mind right now), or maybe some jewelry from LV.

    Here are what I have so far:

    Epi Petit Noe Toledo Blue
    Epi Speedy 25 Red
    Neo Cabby GM Black
    Mono Neverfull MM
    Mono Cabas Mezzo
    Damier Ebene Trevi PM
    MC Shirley Black
  2. WOAH very nice collection.

    How about a Tulum.
  3. Happy early bday and anny chewey!

    Have you looked at the new emperiente (sp?) jewelry. I looked at the white gold pendant yeaterday at the 5th avenue store and I fell in love with it!!
  4. What kind of LV bags are you in to? Shoulder or hand bags? Is there a price limit?
  5. I'd go back to Vegas for your anniversary and maybe something small from LV for your bday? :smile:
  6. How about a Vernis Houston?
    Berkeley in Ebony or Azur?
  7. Happy Birthday and anniversary!!! I think a nice piece of jewelry might be something to consider. Or perhaps a suhali something, if you like that line?
  8. Our of the list you've chosen, I think a MC Shirley in white! It'd be perfect for spring and summer and transitions from day to evening :love:!
  9. You have such an awesome collection! Advance Happy Birthday and Anniversary! Celebrate the 2 wonderful occasions with a relaxing day! I think an LV jewelry or the new Watercolor Speedy or any LV in Limited Edition would be great and fabulous! Oh, by the way, it would certainly depends on his budget... choose what your heart desires and would bring a sentimental value to these 2 very special occasions :heart:
  10. Hi, can you find a picture of this item you're talking about? I couldn't find it in LV website. :s
  11. I just got off the phone with him... no price limit, but he said to prefer not over $3000! Yay!
  12. I love Suhali, but I don't like the designs/styles in that line for some reason. Just not me. I'm thinking of something in MC perhaps, but not excited about the bags of current styles. :hysteric:
  13. How about the Monogram Tisse collection?
    It's beautiful IRL.
  14. I love to go back to Vegas, but toting 2 kids is not easy.... The last time we went on a 3 days getaway to Cancun and left my daughter w/ my MIL, she got a fever... and we both felt guilty instead of enjoying our trip. :s
  15. congrats on both accasion..:yahoo: that alot of LV u can buy....maybe a kepall?;)