Help me choose 1st MJ - Blake, Venetia, Stella, or Sophia?

  1. I really want a MJ, but I can't decide. I like the looks of the Blake, Venetia, Stella, and Sophia best. What do you think? I think the Sophia may be too small for me, so I'm leaning toward the other 3. I'm also concerned about the weight of the bags. I know that MJs tend to be heavy. Which are the heaviest, and which are the lighest? Thanks!
  2. I'd probably suggest the Blake, in your case. The Venetia is a hand-held bag, for the most part. Although gorgeous, it can get heavy quickly. The Stella is great, but it is a bit bigger. The Blake is a great size, everything you put in is easily accessible, and you can carry it on your shoulder if it gets to be too heavy. The Sophia was too small for me, but it is also nice. Depending upon how big you want to go, I'd suggest either the Blake or Stella, as both can be carried on the shoulder.
  3. I think the Blake may be the heaviest, but it would be a tie for the Stella and Venetia. Sophia is probably the lightest. You should choose the bag depending on what is most comfortable and suitable for your needs....
  4. I LOVE the Blake. I own two of them. It is a bit heavy but it's a great bag. It has three compartments with two outside pockets, and it can be carried as a satchel or on the shoulder. What more could you ask for in a bag?:P
  5. you can't go wrong with either the blake or the stella. let us know what you decide!
  6. Thanks for your help! I think I am leaning toward the Blake or Stella. I love the Venetia, but I think that buckle would drive me crazy!

    I also really like the Elise. Does that fit on the shoulder, or is it strictly handheld?
  7. These are some of MJ's most classic styles. =)

    Stella and Sophia are no longer made so you can only find them on ebay.
    Stella's MJ's most popular bag over the years, Stam is often described as MJ's most iconic bag SINCE Stella. Stella is a big tote, Sophia is Stella's little sister. Not only is Sophia smaller, she has 1 flat adjustable shoulder strap plus 3 sections. She can't be stuffed with big things though.

    Venetia and Blake are sisters. Venetia is considered MJ's most sophisticated style, it's been here since year 2000. It's a gorgeous bag, but it's not as comfortable on the shoulder as Blake. Blake doesn't have the middle strap, but it has 3 compartments. They have bigger bases than Stella and Sophia.

    It depends on how you plan to use this 1st MJ purse.
    For work with files, go for Stella.
    If you don't mind a hand-held purse, Venetia is it.
    For everyday wear, Blake is great and sharp looking too. If you don't carry much and prefer flat shoulder strap, you can get Sophia. I prefer double straps so I am not a Sophia or Multipocket girl. =)
  8. For Venetias, members either leave the zipper opened or middle strap unbuckled. I can wear both Elise & Venetia on my shoulder. =)
  9. Thanks bag.lover! So very helpful!!!
  10. The venetia is a great everyday bag. I can wear it on the shoulder or hand carry. The blake can be worn either way with more compartments. You can't go wrong what ever you decided.
  11. I have a Sophia, a Venetia, and several Stellas (but no Blake), and think that of these three, the Stella is the most practical. I think the Venetia has a really distinct style, and is a very iconic MJ bag (20 years from now, I think the Venetia will be the bag that collectors will covet).

    Even though I don't have a Blake, it seems like a really perfect bag - can be shoulder or hand carried, several compartments, roomy but not oversized.

    Last time I looked there was a Blake on sale at Bluefly (tan?) - it was a good price. Good luck!
  12. I have a Stella and Sophia and have to warn you that the Stella is really heavy. It gives me a back ache if i carry it for more than a couple of hours (for ex: shopping after work) and I am 5'10" and medium-framed so if you are petite I imagine it would feel even heavier to you. That said it is the total go-to bag. I always feel put together when I am wearing my Stella.
    The Sophia is really perfect. The one strap is quite wide and stays on the shoulder really well. I've found that I can actually fit a LOT of stuff in there too! Zip clutch, sunglasses case, ipod, keys, lipsticks, cell phone, blackberry, and a book all go in there easily without making it look overstuffed.
    The Venetia is gorgeous but for me that buckle rules it out.
    The Blake is adorable and I think makes a great first bag b/c it is so versatile and also so distinctively MJ.
    Good luck! Whatever you get you will love more and more each day. Also don't worry if you can't decide b/c I guarantee once you have one, you will quickly find yourself saving for another! ;)
  13. After much consideration, I have finally bought my first MJ - a Venetia in Sap Green! :yahoo: Thanks for your help! I should have it in my hot little hands in a few days!
  14. BagLuver, congrats!!!!!
    You got a gorgeous combination, you will love/enjoy this bag for years to come. =)
  15. stella. I wish I could find one.