help me choos my first spy!!

  1. Hi
    My dad promised me a fendi for my birthday - now I need help choosing one, I really love the white&red one Gwen Stefani has, but it's from last year - I also like the blue&white strip bag - but it seems a little to 'trendy' don't think I would use it next year, I really need a 'classic' fendi bag, to wear all year round - year in, year out.
    please help. please post photos of yourself with one of these PERFECT bags!!
    thank you
  2. I'd definitely choose cognac or honey. That way you'd be getting leather, and they're good for all year round. ;)

    I have the cognac, and i'm super in love with it!
  3. can you post a photo of you with the bag?
    can you also help me with the size... I don't understand, they seem to come in diffrent sizes... which is which? what are they called? or are they just - large-medium-small?
    I need help, I know very little about fendi :-S
  4. I just got a Honey Wisteria SPY on Monday and :love: it!!!
  5. wow!! now that's a NICE bag!! what size is it?
  6. not a fan of this bag but it looks real nice on u!
  7. what size is it?
  8. I think it's medium but I could be wrong. I've never owned a SPY before so I know nothing about the bag.:shame:
  9. I recently got my first spy in chocolate brown, which I love and recommend. My other favorite color is the honey, which you could get a lot of use out of all year. (LV Addict, the honey wisteria spy is next on my wishlist after seeing the pics of yours!!)
  10. i just got a hologram one, cuz i'm sort of a "funkier" type..looks like this...
    chocolate, honey and black are great for classic goes with everything stuffts, and the bags like the Wisteria are classic yet with a little "funky" going on... there's a huge variety of them out there! probably one for every personality type and wardrobe requirement. the ones i saw at the fendi store the other day were the "medium" and "small" plus the "hobo" i dont know if there is a large one....??? heeee
  11. squsihy - I LOVE YOUR BAG!!!!!!!! WOW~~
    if you don't mind me asking - how much did it cost?
    and could you post a photo of you wearing it, so i can get an idea of it's size (what size is it - medium or small - how big is it in cm?)

    thank you so much for posting this bag! I'm still in shock - it's wonderfull!
  12. I am drooling all over my keyboard ATM :lol::lol:
  13. o my god you've made it even harder to choose!! I want them all hahaha
    thank you enjoy looking at them!!