Help me choice Sheep or Goat

  1. I am about to purchase my first pandora but i am thorn bet. Sheep leather( wrinkled) and the goat leather. Want to know who is more lighter and durable use bcoz i dont baby my bags, a little worry around corners since they are the one affected thru wear and tear.
  2. Sheep is more durable in my opinion
  3. The bottom is sheep wrinkled and d top is goat both are in cobalt color
  4. Bottom is more vibrant, me likey.
  5. Randr21 thanks for fast respond.... i am liking the wrinkled too, someone told me goat leather tough on everyday use, while the sheep has some issue to leather. up to know cant decided but the wrinkled leather has a funky mood to me.
  6. I have the sheep leather variety in Black, have used it for a year, and it looks just the same as new. One of the most durable bags I have owned!!

    I like the appearance of the goat leather, too. My other Pandora has nubuck and glazed goat leather - it looks a little different than your pictures. Because it's glazed, my bag is more susceptible to surface scratches - but so far, so good.
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    i have the 'gale in blue goat, and after a week of admiring it around the house, i'm leaning towards the pepe blue above as my favorite leather more.

    and since you're going for a panda, you wanna have a funky cool color and leather, kwim?
  8. Ehemelay when comes to weight who is more lighter?
  9. The sheep leather is just a bit lighter than the goat. Or, at least, it feels that way (I haven't weighed the two Pandas to compare).
  10. Thanks Ehemelay....order a goat in cobalt blue, by this coming weds or thurs i'll be receiving my first n only pandora

    Will post some model pics.
  11. I have the sheep one, i mean the wrinkled one! And i reckon its more chic and the goat one is more classic; both are nice.