Help me chanel PROZ!!

  1. Wondering if any one could help me here:confused1:..I am not really chanel fan, but I do like its bags...I am dying to get bowler bag if any of you know where to get it and price? Also, I saw there is new bag calls...vinyl flap bag, if any of you know the price as well? thank you so much.
  2. which bowler? There's easily a dozen of them:yes:
    Search for The Rock, that's the new vinyl items, there's probably pricing as well.
  3. Yea, I'm with Swanky, which bowler are you looking for?

    cambon bowler, luxury bowler, classic caviar bowler....
  4. Ohhhh forgot to mention it:p, I am looking for luxe bowler...saw you guys all have one, I guess I need one as well:yahoo:. thx~