Help me Chanel lovers......

  1. :smile: Hi guys.

    I am going to London soon to shop. I will have £550 to spend.

    I really want a Chanel bag :graucho:. Now I know, they are expensive, so does anyone know If I would be able to buy one with £550 - or even £600 at a push?

    If so, please let me know and also, show me pics if possible. I would really appreciate your help!!! :heart::tup:

    Thanks in advance from a desperate Chanel wanter with hardly any cash!!! :crybaby:
  2. Do you know how much that is in US? Is it double? So say $1,000 USD?

    Timeless Clutch or cotton club pochette.

  3. :nuts:Awww bless you Missisa, thanks for your reply. Yeah, I put £600 into the converter and it comes out $ 1,195.38 so it's about right.

    Thanks, I'll have a look at the pics and see if I likey!!!! :wlae:
  4. Ooooh no, just looked at the timeless clutch, and whilst it is very nice, it's not really something I would use!!! ;)
  5. :crybaby:Boohoo, unfortunately, the Pochette isn't me either.

    How about a small bowling much do they retail at?

    Sorry to be a fussy pain in the butt!:blush:
  6. WHAT IS THE PRICE OF THE CABAS? in £ preferably.


    Thanks in advance guys!
  7. There are several types of Cabas. Which one are you thinking of? There are the baby, denim, original, large cabas, and vinyl I believe. Pics and prices can be found here:

    As for the small/medium bowler I assume you're talking about the Luxe Ligne bowlers? Or are you talking about the Cambon bowler?
    ^Luxe Ligne.
  8. The denim or vinyl Cabas are in your price range, but they're tricky to find.

    Other than that, I believe the bowlers and other Cabas are well above $1,1xx USD.
  9. Thanks Missisa. I knew £600 would be difficult to work with. What about Petite shopping tote? Do you know how much they retail at? :roflmfao:
  10. Are you talking about British pounds? If so, it's about 782 pounds.

    Syma posted this in the ref library:
    She's talking about the GST (bigger than the PST). I imagine the PST must be much less at Heathrow.

    Hurry, prices increase in September!!!
  11. Oooo errrrr. thanks for that. I am going on 4th September. Hope they don't increase before then.

    I couldn't get to heathrow.

    The petite is definitely a nice bag. Perhaps I'll go for that one!!

    Thanks for your help Missisa. Much appreciated. :love:
  12. ^I believe I've heard rumors that the price increase is September 1st. I'm not 100% sure though, but CHANELboy confirmed that the price increase has already taken into effect at Nordstrom so it can't be much longer before it spreads to the rest of the Chanel boutiques and department stores.

    Get it as fast as you can. :smile: Or perhaps do a charge send (pay through the phone and have them mail it to you?) Maybe then you could avoid tax charges and lock in the pre-increase prices. Not sure if that works, but it's worth a try. Good luck!
  13. Thanks missisa. I will try and mail order - but I don't get paid until end of the month, so it's cutting it a bit fine!!!!
    Would adore a chanel though!!!!
    Thanks for all your help!
  14. ^I believe that here in the US the price increase is November 1 at boutiques and department stores (according to CHANELboy who is an SA). :yes: Hopefully that's the same for the UK (I'm assuming that's where you live?)
  15. It may also be worth phoning round the London stores to see what is available too if you're limited in your choices. You don't want to waste precious time travelling across town on your shopping trip. I'm a local London girl who took nearly an hour to get from Knightsbridge to Bond Street the other day, I'd hate you to be beaten in you quest by infamous London transport problems and traffic chaos!