Help me celebrate with me on my first Louis Vuitton! (with pictures)

  1. I finally got my first LV - a Speedy 30! I got it for myself as a birthday and Christmas gift for myself when my family and I were vacationing in HongKong just before Christmas. But I tell you, it came with such drama. On our last day, I was really bent on getting the Neverfull MM, so I went to the closest LV shop from our hotel. Well, there was one last available, and I was about to pay for it, when my husband requested that we pass by for it later that day when we were going to check out (we were also on our way to get bulky stuff to bring back home, so I understood). About 3 hours, I came back for my Neverfull, only to find out it was gone!!! :hysteric:I really wanted to cry right there. Anyway, I went to another LV shop to look for Neverfull, but fell in love with the Speedy (no Neverfull everywhere. So, I got it instead. Tell me please, did I make a good decision? Or should I have just opted for being on the waitlist? After lurking on TPF, I really, really wanted to bring home an LV for myself. Also, I only dough enough to spare on a bag, so I could only afford just 1 at a time. :sweatdrop:

    See the pics!
    DSC01912.JPG DSC01911.JPG DSC01907.JPG
  2. Congratulations! The Speedy's a really great choice. Enjoy it!
  3. Congrats and enjoy your 1st LV!!!
  4. i'd choose speedy over neverfull. i was never a fan of the neverfull.
  5. Good choice!! Speedy is a classic, neverfull me dont like it!
  6. Thank you all for the vote of confidence. I am glad you all thought I made a good choice. I know this will be a start of a long love affair.:heart:
  7. You made a great choice. I prefer the speedy over the neverful.
  8. speedy is a classic ! keep it! 'cos that was my first LV monogram purchase few years ago..!:p
  9. Great choice- the speedy is a classic bag!
  10. I think you make a great first choice! The Speedy is a classic :yes: Congrats!!
  11. I don't like the Neverfull at all. The speedy is "THE" classic LV bag. ENJOY!
  12. Congrats .. speedy is a great choice ... you can get the neverfull next;)
  13. What a baby!

    I love it, great choice! Congrats!!:biggrin:
  14. Congrats on your Speedy :smile:

    I was planning on ordering both a Speedy35 and Neverfull GM, and then deciding on one but eLuxury was out of the Neverfull GM (no surprise this time of year). Reading this thread makes me happy that I decided not to wait for restock and just went ahead with my Speedy order!
  15. I have both the speedy and the neverfull....and like others have stated the speedy is a classic...IMO...the neverfull is just a part of a trend... enjoy your first LV.....