Help Me -Cartier-Less than 2hrs

  1. Hi

    What do u think of "panthere de cartier pandant": (attached the pic ) ..

    1- Wawoooo , MUST get it NOW
    2- mmmm I'll think about it , maybe other designs will look nicer ..
    3- no , I don't like it

    Help me guys , I have to decide now .... I'll go to cartier in about 2hrs ...

    ha !
  2. It totally depends on what you are looking for...and what you already have! Cartier has gorgeous things - all sorts of jewelry - I'm sure you will find something you LOVE if you are unsure about the above necklace - have fun!!!
  3. I already have the panthere ring , and I want to get a matching pendant ...

    for me i thought that was the one ! from the panthere collection ...
  4. I say pass...if you are unsure, it may not be a good investment for you. Hold tight...something that you are certain about will soon appear before you.
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  6. Meh Im not so big on that. Id go with one of their LOVE pendants.
  7. mmm ....

    I have to buy from that collection . since I have the ring and I want to complete the collection .... I Love the panthere de cartier collection
    I think for me its Wawooooooooooo ....
    but I just want to mske sure ....

    The one attached earlier or the one I post Now ( I know we can't compare ) ... big diffrence ... :yes:
  8. Well, the panther is classic Cartier so I'd go for it if you like it!
  9. ok thinking practically if you have great assets the long one will look great. otherwise.. I think it looks a bit weird.. the poor panther elongated like that. it looks like it's endured some kind of torture treatment. The round one also doesn't look tooo special either - no diamonds. if you're frankly doubting yourself that much then i think you shouldn't buy either of them. ooh if i ever had to get a panthere de cartier ring.. i'd want the one with sapphires and diamonds all over it. (dream ring) urs looks a little too masculine??
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