Help me! Can you tell this bag is Authentic or not.

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  1. Sorry, fist time I'm here, I don't know how to get the pics. Anyway, i want to buy this bag, Someone can help me, let me know this bag is Authentic or not. How do you know? Any store Baleciaga can comfirm that? Thanks:confused1:
  2. I think it Authentic, but do you have a ID number? because, I have I same one. I got it from Balenciaga Store from NY. That is a nice color... I love it. yes, You can call the the Balenciaga store to ask them.
  3. please don't post authenticate threads here.
  4. Please go ask people in Authenticate this bag! Balenciaga!room
  5. He is the one who sell this fake bag to me and try to fool me by set up Fashion_K to reply him. This bag is 100% replica.
  6. Dear Mr Vu, Slick350z

    You have just joined a club today called TPF ( ) forum to try to discredit my wife regarding this issue. You have made two (2) post to this forum pretending to be someone you are not. It is obvious from the date of your membership and the other fake member to these forums that you only joined them today.

    You refuse to answer your phone. I have called you three (3) times. Why are you afraid to discuss this? You do not respond directly to our request to refund our money. Please give me a call at 248 xxx-xxxx so we can discuss this directly as men. It is very troubling you will not discuss this. I do not threaten you but please be assured I will pursue this to the full extent that the law allows in the United States of America.

    You are, as you yourself say, not dealing with a “kid”. If you were an honest business man you would refund our money just as a matter of good faith. We did business with you in the first place based on the understanding that you were an honest person.

    We paid you right away. You have received our money in your account but you don’t respond to our requests for a refund. Even if there was no problem you didn’t even respond and acknowledge that we paid you promptly on eBay which is only common courtesy on pay pal and eBay. We still hope this we can resolve this issue without legal intervention. We have no desire or intention to embarrass you we only want our money returned. If you will return our money we will dismiss this matter and not have any negative responses. We would just like our money back and as we have not received the bag you have no loss. Right now you have our money and your bag. We are the ones who have nothing and I wonder why you are so aggressive? I look forward to your reply.

  7. Wow. Lol.
  8. Did you know that selling fake bags is illegal? I hope they prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.
  9. i c ur auctions in eBay.u said that
    All sales final as this is from my personal collection and not a business for me. Item is sold AS IS. I will only accept returns for Authencity purposes,with only 3 days. I will not accept returns if the item is too big, too small, or not what you expected

    if u r good refund money rapidly!!!

    don't do like this (discredit the buyer)

    Be caught red-hendeddo u know ur bag r fake fake fake fake like u told that

    "Pictures are worth a thousand word. Please REFUND with confidence
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    Originally Posted by Nacharee
    Hi every one I have asked you guy for help to authenticate this bag before and it turn out that the bag is fake. My old post is #20459 page 1364. you can go back to that page or and this is a quick link to go there.
    Authenticate This! Balenciaga!

    but this guy who sell me the bag just fool me by posting the bag also and this is his quote :
    I think he also set up himself as Fashion_K to make me believe that this bag is Auth.
    Please look at the time that you are jion tPF and look the the time that they post and respond that weird?

    Anyone has any idea about this? Please help me out!

    I found the post you're talking about in the main Bal forum (not the Authenticate This thread.) To me, it almost looks like the first post and the response from Fashion_K are both from the same person. In any case, it doesn't say anything conclusive about authenticity. They can certainly put a serial number on the tag of a fake, and there's no way that Balenciaga would be able to determine a bag's authenticity over the phone.

    Have you actually pursued things with the seller and with eBay/Paypal? I would just move ahead with that if I were you.

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  11. So...slick350z and fashion_K is the same person, right?

    If yes, he or she tried to make his/her list on ebay looks authentic and refuse to refund the buyer of his/her list, I think.

    I'm not good at authenticate BBag but I could say that the bag looks really fake.

    Please refund all money to your buyer! I think it's so better than you try to post something here.
  12. Please post all authenticity questions in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread in the Shopping section.
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