Help me calm my nerves!

  1. I am a newbie at ordering Chanel by phone. I ordered a couple of bags for EGC but the SA just take my info. He never call me back to let me know if my order went through or comfirm the price that I will be charge or when will my items ship. Is this normal practice? I really don't want to miss out on EGC. I left a message for him to call me back but he never did. The store is closing soon. Should I be worry?
  2. it should be ok, i think they are sooo busy today with ecg going on. i left a message for an sa since 10 this morning and he still has not called me back....
  3. I think you should be fine. I was like that the first time when I ordered stuff over the phone and everything went really smoothly. Good Luck!!

    By the way, what did you get?
  4. I sure hope so! It will be my last chance to add classics to my collection before the dreaded increase. I was waiting for him to call me back so I could add a white clutch but no chance :crybaby:.
  5. I am getting from Saks (hopefully) a jumbo white caviar flap and a black caviar timeless clutch. From NM a dark white jumbo caviar with bijou chain and a red lambskin timeless clutch :yahoo:.
  6. Oooh, great purchases girl! Congrats!
  7. I ordered over the phone yesterday for the first time. I'm a LITTLE nervous as well. Maybe we'll get confirmation tomorrow when it's not so crazy :smile:

    I ordered from Damian who has been recommended here a lot, so I'm thinking everything will be okay!
  8. Donna at Saks bala is great , she is very prompt and helpful
  9. I also ordered from Damian. Lots of ladies on here recommended him so I try to stay calm :sweatdrop:.
  10. i know how you feel! i got that too (i call them panic attacks) when i hear nothing from my SA and then i would keep wondering if i've gotten the bags or not! that feeling just goes crazy on me i swear! but not to worry, so far so good on my side and i'm sure everything'll turn out fine for you. ;) keep us posted!
  11. Hi kasmom. I did a charge-send via Damian as well, and just got an email from him confirming the sale. Perhaps he'll email you too about your purchase. Good luck and congrats on your purchase!:smile:
  12. I just called Damian, he said the bags are on its way from Texas :yahoo:. How long for ground shipping from Texas to OC ??
  13. Where are my manners :confused1: I forgot to thank you all for reassuring me. You girls are so nice!
  14. ^approx 5 business days? love damian!
  15. Ooh that long!!! Next time I'll be sure to ask for overnight or second day shipping.