Help me buy a balenciaga motorcycle bag

  1. Hi All,

    I desperatley want to buy a balenciaga le dix motorcycle bag. I don't want to buy it from e-bay (i am to scared i will get fooled). So does anyone now genuine intrenet shops who carry balenciaga? or regular stores in the netherlands?

    I hope you can help me,

    Greetz Kim
  2. Hi Kim,
    I am from holland 2 we have got here van ravenstein in amsterdam. Thats the only shop who sells Balenciaga, otherwise U have to go to Belgium there U can also oreder by foon. Let me know if U want to hear more and adresses.
    Good Luck FX:heart:
  3. You can always post the eBay link in tpf and authenticate anything on eBay before you bid!!
  4. you can purchase online from - they should be ship to the Netherlands. And the bags are all authentic.
  5. Aloha Rag in Hawaii has a website, they don't list the Balenciaga, but if you call them they will be happy to help you- great store.