Help me burn some money...


Which loots I should get?

  1. Damier Geronimos, Conspiration GM in Azur, Tong Bastia, a Taiga wallet (multiple or florin)

  2. LV Cup Genois, Conspiration GM in Azur, Tong Bastia, a Taiga wallet (multiple or florin)

  3. LV Cup Artimon, Conspiration GM in Azur, Tong Bastia

  4. Cabas Innsbruck

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  1. Hey guys, need your opinions of which loots I should get next from LV.

    I want to get the Cabas Innsbruck (Men's bag from F/W 06/07) but it's like 1600 euros, so I could get few other things from LV. I think that kind of bag is in at the moment, I have seen quite a few Japanese/Korean guys have similar bags. So I reckon it would be a good investment even though it's from Fall/Winter collection. I don't really like anything from the Men's Spring/Summer.

    I attached the picture of the bag just in case you haven't heard about it. I think it's made out of suede, and I have seen it in real life. So smooth. hahaha..

    What do you guys think about this bag? Is it too girly? I mean it's not like a messenger bag or anything like that.

    Do you think I can wear this bag during summer? Maybe with shorts too? Or I have to be dressed up for it most of the time?
  2. I have seen that bag here and I think it is more suited to A/W rather than S/S ... it is stunning IRL...I vote for a bequia piece in white:p OR you could wait and see what is produced for A/W 07/08.
  3. I already have the Bequia in white, LOL!

    It is so scary to wear white bags in Beijing. It gives me heart attack everytime someone bumps into my white bag.

    I really need to get something now. It's an impulse thing
  4. haha you can always get another one:p I would wait and get something little to curb that itch;)
  5. get the geronimos! i love it when i see a guy with one!
  6. The Cabas Innspruck is not very girly at all. O.o But i wouldn't wear it for summer, it's very F/W IMO. Out of the choices above, it's the best though. Get it. ;)
  7. Innsbruck Cabas hands down... it's SOOOOOOOOOO hot IRL!
  8. Cabas Innspruck all the way!
  9. I know.. that's why this is a hard decision to make. LOL!

    I was like WOAAAA! when I saw the bag
  10. The innsbruck is all suede, it will get rueind, the suede on my LV jacket got wet and all ugly and it also ripped! imagine it on the bag! I too almost bought this but its suede, not worth the risk! I like option 1!
  11. I'm going with the Innsbruck too. Just don't deal with it when the weather won't cooperate. I think you'll regret it if you let it slip away.
  12. oh i'm sorry to hear about your jacket matt.. btw, which jacket is that?

  13. The Innsbruck is so hot!!!!! Just be careful when you use it:p.
  14. my red down jacket! :sad: its just the lining of it, but suede is SOOOO delicate!

    This is the day I got it, I cant find the ripped suede pics

  15. i really like your red jacket mate! i didn't know that the lining is suede, i guess that makes it more expensive hey