Help me build my accessory collections?

  1. Getting Hermes accessories is like opening a flood gate. It started with my giving in and ordering a Bearn wallet, and now I want every single functional accessory out there. However, I have no idea what will be practical. Can you seasoned H fans give me some advice? Here are what I can think of so far:

    Bearn Wallet - this is already ordered, I decided on Vert Anis lizard and requested raisin or cyclamen interior; the chances of them actually making this is probably nil, so I told them if this doesn't work, then any lizard Bearn will be fine
    Bearn Keyholder Case - I think the 6-key one may work for my fat keys, what do you think?
    Vision Agenda - for my checkbook and bank receipts
    Tissue Holder - do they even make this nowadays?
    Coin Wallet - not sure what kind?

    Uhm ... I'm lost. What else should I add? I don't use address book and I don't take notes. I'm more of an electronic person. What other accessories do you think will be practical to get? TIA.
  2. Pouchette ring for your new lovely scarf ;) Check out the pics or Rose modeling hers.
  3. But I only have one and that one is for my bag ... It'll be a long time before I can be brave enough to wear one. I just KNOW that if I wear it, I'll ruin it <-- accident prone
  4. Piccolo?
  5. I love the Le 24 coin purse; it's small but holds quite a bit.
    I think a Karo PM or GM is also very useful for cosmetics or other smaller items you want to keep organized.
  6. Gosh, what a dangerous question to ask this group! (Soon I'm going to need one of those 50cm birkins just for all the accessories I want!)

    The one accessory I have that I thought was totally frivolous when I first saw it was the piccolo ("ExCUuUuUSe me? $400 for a PENCIL CASE? I don't THINK so"). Well, I ended up thinking so.

    It is now my favorite purse accessory. I keep one pen and two lipsticks in it. I can now always find my pen (DH is torn between relief that I have stopped asking him, "Honey, do you have a pen?" all the time and a funny suspicion that it was good to be needed), and my lipstick - the two things that no matter how hard I tried, always ended up on the bottom of my handbag and I would have to rummage for, often unsuccessfully. And that's WITH the chameleon purse liner. Guess I'm hopeless.

    And it comes in really nifty colors! Mine is sapphire chevre. I tuck it in my purse standing on end, and it's always there for me. Good luck with your quest - half the fun is figuring out what will most enhance your inner purse life!

    Oh, and I'm starting to think I might need a SECOND piccolo....
  7. yeah, i remember thinking that about the piccolo myself, lvrjrt. funnily enough i have a sneaking suspicion that i'll end up owning one eventually, sigh, probably in hermes orange :smile: it's easy to justify, one it will protect my bag from possible pen leakage, and two, since i'll use it everyday in my bag it's not like i won't get my money's worth after a year :smile:

    as for you kou, one of those cute little cosmetic looking pouches that has two snaps. and of course the ladybug keychain.

    i want that cute whale that's in the virtual valentine thread :smile:
  8. Regarding the tissue holder... I remember a thread a few mths ago now about this. I think they used to make one but no longer..? Anyway, the consensus was that the playing cards holder would make a great tissue holder and it would fit too!

  9. One more thing I probably need:

    Photo frames: I can keep pictures of my pets, my bags, and my Faberge eggs there.
  10. What a cool - no, BRILLIANT - idea to use that for tissues! They had one on display last week at SCP, so I think they do still make it. I can hardly wait to waltz in there with pocket packs of tissues to see if they fit!

    Ironically, I usually carry a deck of cards with me (originally, to amuse the small children and build math skills by stealth, but now out of habit and for the occasional time one is stuck), but I think that case holds two. Does it?
  11. Highly recommend a GM Clarisse. Maybe instead of the Vision. It's just the best accessory ever!
  12. Whenever someone here mentions the Clarisse, I get that Silence of the LAmbs voice in my head....

  13. I recommend also:
    Bastia coin wallet - Not too expensive or fussy, comes in a zillion colours
    If the Bastia doesn't do it for you, consider taking a PM Clarisse instead.
    Card holder - Either a Bearn one or a Calvi
    Karo PM or GM - For makeup, misc. small items. Can also be used as a clutch if you're running out to grab some food or something and don't want to take the whole bag.
    Piccolo pen case - No sense in ruining a bag's lining, is there?
  14. Thanks GF, now my beloved zippered pouch will never look the same again! :weird:
  15. Pictures! I need pics. All these names and terminology. Ok, I know what a Karo and Piccolo look like. But what does the Clarisse and Bastia Coin Wallet look like?
    Also, I'm very anal about keeping the same type of stuff in one place. That means I'm keeping all my credit cards, insurance cards, and whatever other cards inside the wallet. If they don't all fit, then I'll still be grouping them. I seem to have issues using an agenda as an agenda, checkbook holder, and card holder (it's a weird version of cognitive dissonance).