Help me break out of my purse funk!

  1. Alright girls,

    I'm itching to buy a new handbag, and with the strength of the Canadian dollar at an all time high, it's time to take advantage and buy American! :lol:

    Trouble is, I've been scouring my fave websites for the last month trying to take advantage and I'm coming up empty. Is it me, or are there just really NO good sales atm? I want a really hot bag but I can't pay full price. A discount and a coupon works perfect for me. Oh! And it's my birthday in a couple weeks so I know my bf is ready and willing to splurge on whatever I may find. Can anyone make a recommendation that fits this criteria?

    As for handbag styles - I own bags from Bulga, Belen Echandia (A Love Me in purple and a Take Me Anywhere in Petrol), Botkier, Kale, Treesje, Hayden Harnett, Anna Corinna and tons of Kooba. Another bag I've got my eye on is the Jenny Yuen Gatsby in Sapphire but not at $745 - same for the Botkier Sophie in Ink! I LOVE the Belen Echandia Love Me in pewter as well as the Kooba Elisha in pewter, but again, can't justify it since I already have the same BE bag in another colour and the Elisha doesn't fit comfortably over the shoulder. Maybe something in a silvery metallic though? Not sure what, but maybe a little less pricey.

    If anyone has any recommendations for cool bags that you think might fit the bill, or any good sites for sales atm, please share! :yes:

  2. I can't remember if Nordstrom ships to Canada or not, or if you are close enough to hop over the border to get a bag, but their half-yearly sale is going on and they have great deals on LOTS of different designers, and they will generally be happy to help you find what you are looking for and ship it to you. I have heard that at various stores they have an assortment of Botkier, Kooba, Gryson, legacy Coach, Rebecca Minkoff, and lots more. I think maybe even a couple of ladies have shared their favorite SA's info over in the Deals and Steals forum.

    I too have been browsing website sales and been less than impressed lately.

    Good luck!

  3. Sadly, they don't or I'd be all over it!!!
    Thanks for the recommendation though!
    I know I'm really missing out. :hysteric: