Help me break in my first.

  1. As many of you might know I've got the most beautiful first.
    However the leather on the backside is the most perfect, sort of cracked leather but the frontsite is much less cracked. I really want the front to be as perfect as the back, so my question is how do you break in only one side of the bag?

    I hope this makes sense....

    The first pic is of the bag with the perfect leather and the second is of the front which I want to break in.
    2c54_12.jpg imag0037.jpg
  2. I'm not sure if it's "breaking in" one side of the bag, as said side has crackly leather, that's going to be the solution... Maybe some conditioning/moisturizing on that side would even out the difference.
  3. It is not like the difference bothers me. But I would just love if the front side could hav the same "cracking".
  4. I've read that the leather will dry out a bit with time and therefore become quite crackly. Most people would condition to prevent this, but since you're going for that effect, maybe just let time do its deed?

    Not sure how to artificially make it more crackly without harming the leather...

    Hmm.... anyone else??
  5. Yeah I think I'll just have to be patient and wait.
  6. I wouldn't do anything to MAKE it crack. I actually like the front of your bag best! Beautiful colour!!
  7. i am a believer of not putting anything on your bag.... except apple guard spray on light colored bags for protection.. but on your bag... i would just carry her and love her, and she will break in beautifully. I have noticed with all my bags that the front and back are always sort of different, and that is one of the charms of the beloved bbag... the hides are different. it adds character.. enjoy!
  8. Thank you girls.... You guys are as always the best!
  9. Yup, I agree with toni- just enjoy your bag and let her break in naturally. My bordeaux first came to me very broken in already, and I wish I'd had the pleasure to break her in myself. Just enjoy! She's lovely!!!
  10. Enjoy breaking her in! She looks absolutely scrumptous the way she already is, IMO!
  11. Do you think it would be an idea to put on LMB pro treatment or Apple gardeRain and Stain Repellant Spray to protect it from rain and stains?
    I yes which one would you chose and would you use any products before treating the bag with the stain/rain repellant treatment?
  12. Even if I have a dark bag, I would spray them with protector against stains & water/rain before use. As for which product is better over the other, I really don't know since I use neither. BUT I do know lots raved about Apple Garde so you might want to give it a shot.
  13. Do you know where to but it online? Because I live in Denmark and as far as I am concerned doesn't ship to the EU.
  14. I'll try to mail them....
  15. The leather is different on the front and back of my bag (Black City) as well. The other thing I have noticed is it looks different in different types of light. I have never had a bag like this and it certainly adds to its appeal. I might be tempted to protect the handles against oil and dirt and moisturize the corners but I wouldn't want to try and change the fundamental charm of the bag.