HELP ME! BLK neo cabby gm vs. mm

  1. i have both of them on hold, need to decide by tomorrow. i like the look of both, i am currently loving big bags, but i htink the gm size is similar to my chanel coco cabas, but i like the fact that it can be worn as a messenger. is the fact that gm is bigger in size makes it even more of a trend bag? i can't decide, by the way prices are gm: $1850 CAD, mm: $1610 CAD.
  2. I chose the GM because 1) I love the fact that you can wear it cross body and 2) it's large! I'm one of those crazy people who has to have everything with them (I take the train to work - not like I can leave it in the car).
  3. personally, i prefer the GM shape than the MM.. its not rectangular-ish
    like the MM.. but then its up 2 u! i suggest u try both on ur arm & c which 1 looks best on u (or which 1 u feel better wit!) dont forget 2 show us wat u decided 2 bring bak home!! :yes:
  4. You will see tomorrow then... I love the MM, the GM is too big for me!
  5. i have actually tried both of them on already, imo they both look good :smile:
    that's why i'm having a tough time deciding!
  6. i won't be bringing it home tomorrow, will pick up whichever i decide along w/ my saleya mm after sept 4th. you bet i will have lots of pix to show.
  7. I had the same problem too until I tried it on myself. I like the mm shape better.
  8. i can not decide it too! plus 1800 CAN $ for a denim bag? er..