Help me before time runs out

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pick ur fav :)

  1. azur salina gm

  2. azur artsy mm

  3. azur neverfull gm

  4. none of the above

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi guys
    with the rumored price increase around the corner I'm indecisive as to what bag to get. any help is welcomed and if u have another suggestion feel free to comment .

    just for some info i currently have

    tivoli gm
    neverfull gm de
    speedy b 35 de
    speedy b 35 mono
    mono metis hobo

  2. How about something in Vernis? :smile:
  3. do you have anything in mind? what type of bag are u looking for? it looks like ur collection has mostly big bags..what about the Eva or Favorite?
  4. + 1 !
  5. I voted for the azur Artsy!
  6. Out of your choices I also voted for the DA Artsy. It's a lovely handbag and one that I think you will enjoy for the long haul. It will be a big change from your current collection though…so be sure about it prior to purchase.

    Go to the Boutique and try them all if you can. You may just be surprised by what you end up with! :nuts:
  7. sorry my comment was b4 you even did the poll...
  8. Something in empreinte or vernis.
  9. I love Azur, I would go for the Neverfull since they are going to discontinue the older Neverfull's.
  10. I have the NF MM Azur and it has blue dye on the corners now which is so sad :sad: (It won't come out) Just be careful with it
  11. Artsy in Azur. I used to have one MIF and sold it...Now I want it back;(
  12. I also voted the artsy! :heart::heart:
  13. +1
  14. I voted none. I would go with artsy in mono or empriente :smile: I hope you make the right choice.
  15. love the artsy in Azur.