Help me before my ban starts!

  1. Hi everyone!

    First time posting here, but I need a little help. I'm going on a self imposed shopping ban February 1st, but before I go there, I want a bag. It's not my first LV, but I haven't bought one in a long time. The prices have doubled. So here are my thoughts, tell me what you think..I have until 11:59 pm thursday night to decide.:p

    Mono Speedy 35 vs. Damier speedy 30 vs Neverfull mm or gm. I want a luggage tag with either one I get.

    LV store vs Saks vs Eluxury(save taxes, but have to wait) The stores are 15 minutes away, but sales tax is high here.

    I look forward to the help..

    Thanks, merci and gracias.:lol:
  2. Damier speedy 30 at LV store :yes:
  3. I think you should get the Damier Speedy 20 or Neverfull MM!
  4. what bag do you own already? I'd go in store to try it on, and order from Elux to save tax-hate to admit, but the taxes and rebates I've been saving already paid for my azur speedy 30 lol.
  5. depends on what bags you already have. i'd either go with mono speedy or neverful mm... and what do you mean by luggage bag? not the type you tote around on daily basis right? in that case, get something with a zipper lol i guess the mono 35? if it's just a regular day-to-day bag, i think the neverfull mm is pretty cute.
  6. Monogram speedy 35 from eLux!
  7. Speedy or Neverfull (depending on your current collection) at the LV store...for instant gratification and convenience (in case you need to return/exchange it).
  8. I have an black epi pont neuf, mono pochette and the noe( that's with the drawstring right?). where do you get your rebates from? that would offset my need to have it right now. a little. lol
  9. I'll send you a pm about how to 'bargan' shop for LV :graucho:
    Noe is correct! I'd go for Speedy, it can be casual or dress up, Neverfull is great, but unlike noe, you can't really close the top, plus it's on casual side IMO. Have you consider Speedy in Azur or Epi Red to 'brighten' up the collection?
  10. Thanks for the ideas! I'll take a look and see if anything catches my eye.
  11. damier speedy 30 from elux.
  12. I agree! Great looking bag for a decent price!
  13. What are you choosing ??
    I would go for either Speedy....let us know your verdict !!
  14. damier speedy 30 or neverfull mm... gm is really huge.
  15. Either speedy at an LV store