Help Me - Before I Add This to The Reference Library!

  1. I am starting this thread for us to consult with each other when we have questions about an item that we want to add to the new BV Reference Library. I know I have already made a mistake by incorrectly identifying the leather in my frog coin purse (thanks, Ms Piggy!). Plus, we don't want to request posts to be deleted.

    Sound like a good idea?
  2. Good idea. Thank you jburgh once again!
  3. great idea! can I start?

    can you help me identify the colours of these cosmetic cases please?

    many thanks!

    New Bottegas 002b.jpg
  4. ^ rox, if you post the color codes (last 4 digits of the tag) that may help.
    My question is about my wallet, color code is 6200, I think it's from 2006?
  5. Hi rox_rocks, the green cosmetic case should be Regent, from FW07
  6. The cosmetic case with the perforated tabs is the colour nocce. Cannot remember if the perforated bags with the frill edging were 05 or 06.
  7. My Ebaby purchase. It's a medium veneta. Colour is close to duck egg blue. No idea what season etc. 04? It's not fully woven. ???
  8. The orange color from 2006 is called Pompei.
  9. I would like to repost this on behalf. Could anyone shed light on the name of the colour/material of the Knot? Or make out what it's written on the plague?
    knot clutch green:limo.jpg knot clutch gree:limo plage.jpg
  10. ^It says "Lavorazione fatta a mano" which translates into "Hand made" but that is written basically on every LE plague.

    It`s No. 21 of 120 but I don`t have any clue about material or colour or season. Actually, never seen such a Knot before!
  11. LOVE the reference threads!!! Thanks jburgh, and to all the kind PFers with pic contributions!! :flowers:
  12. Thank you! rox_rocks, I think this may also be the color of your cosmetic bag.