Help me be content!! What should stay/go??

  1. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shopping for purses, but lately I've realized it's become more of an obsession than it should be given that I have a 2 month old, a job, and a mortage. I'm young (23) and life snuck up on me fast! I need to learn to be content with my collection for a while so I can focus on other things. I'd really appreciate your advice on how to make my collection as perfect as it can be- what should go/what should stay.

    Keep in mind, if I add something, something else has to go to make up for the $$ (not how I like to do things, but I'm trying to be responsible!). Or, maybe it's all in my head and I should just be happy with what I have- PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

    btw- I'm 5'3", have a 2 month old, love chanel, prefer bags that are classic not trendy, and am kinda rough on the bags I use everyday (and the ones I need to be delicate with tend to sit in the closet in dustbags). Right now I do legal work from home, but am planning on law school in a few years.

    Here's what I've got (listed from the ones I use the most to the least):
    -Chanel black caviar large shoulder bag with zip-top and front clasp pocket- pictured
    -Dior Street Chic/Colombus black monogram and leather shoulderbag w/ silver hardware
    -Coach light brown monogram diaper bag
    -Botkier Emily in rich caramel- soft soft leather
    -Louis Vuitton Luco (large monogram tote)
    -Chanel navy flat-quilted large tote with gold hardware (first season-mint condition)-pictured
    -Fendi tobacco zucca small baguette
    -Prada black nylon small tote

    Just got this week:
    -Chanel light beige quilted caviar tote with faux totroiseshell hardware - pictured
    -Chanel dark brown quilted lambskin handbag with gold hardware- small/medium sized zip top with clasp pocket in front

    Thanks so much- your opinions mean so much!

    here's a pic of the new brown chanel (en route to me!) courtesy of eBay [​IMG]
    chanel tote3.jpg erin's stuff 051.jpg erin's stuff 053.jpg
  2. I think it really depends on the bags that you use the most. I know that most people say, well I use all of my bags which not always true, see which ones are your favorites. Like the Chanel you have in mint condition, probably because you don't use it. Which means, it doesn't have to stay since it's not being used as often as you thought you would use it. Give yourself a number of bags that you use the most often and work from there. Good luck!
  3. i say be happy with what you have. thats the beauty of being 23. you have your whole life to create a collection of bags and the collection you have so far is already impressive :smile:
  4. When I was 23 I had no clue about designer anything, you have an awesome collection. But, to your question about how to be happy with what you have - we all know that's much easier said than done, but perhaps you can set a budget or some other limitation (I hate that word!) that would help you focus on buying only the stuff you really love. As for the bags that you already have, it's worth thinking about why you use some more than others, as that may help you decide what to keep.
  5. How long have you been collecting for?! that's a huuge and gorgeous collection for any age. I'm 22 and I'd love to have a portion of that.
  6. I would just sell a bag when you feel the super urge to buy a new bag otherwise I would keep what you have.
    Another member in a different thread which I can't remember now suggested to shop in your own closet: take out all your bags, admire them and than pick one which you haven't used in a long time for the coming week KWIM?
  7. Personally I think you have a fantastic collection. If you are anything like me it's nice to know there is a beautiful 'mint' bag in my closet that I can get out when i want a 'new' bag to use. i think you shoud keep what you've got and enjoy them by rotation.
    I limit my bag buying by only getting an 'expensive' bag for birthday or xmas so it's a special treat. I already have my xmas present sat in the closet!!!! - DH says I can't use it till after xmas!
    Enjoy your new baby- they grow up so quick!
  8. You definitely have a nice collection... If you feel the need to get rid of some bags, then it sounds like your conscious is telling you something. If you've got bills to pay, mouths to feed and your $$ priority is going to your handbags, then definitely get rid of a few. It might help give you some relief.

    Personally, I love the beige Chanel - that looks like a keeper... Maybe you might want to get rid of a Chanel and another non-Chanel bag to keep it balanced?

    There's always more time later to get another bag - don't go bag crazy all at once!
  9. Your collection is large and beautiful. I love the navy flat quilted bag that you don't use often (it is TDF and you is a unique bag) and the dark brown shoulder bag pictured on you.

    I can sympathize with your situation because I have a 6 month old now and recently went a little bag crazy. You need to really think about what bags will suit your everyday life and you are in a price point that the bags need to be LOVED. It seems to me that you are leaning now toward some larger bags (because of your baby perhaps because you can carry all you need in one bag). Really think about what bags you love and it will fall into place what you need to do.

    You are very young and still have tons of time left to get the things you want. I always try and tell myself this, to keep it in perspective, "if you get everything now, what will you have to look forward to later in life?"

    Good luck making your decision.
  10. That is an absolutely FAB collection. I love all of your Chanel! I know that it's hard not to want to get everything all at once, but that's just not possible. Try putting your bags in the showcase here so you can feel like you're really showing them off. Or if you have a friend with the same love of handbags that you do you could possibly share (but that's an iffy situation and takes a lot of trust.) I only have one friend that I trust with my good handbags, and she has a collection to rival mine, but that way we've doubled our collections and choices.
  11. Thanks so much for all the advice! I wish I had someone to share bags with- that would probably help alot when I have an urge for something different! I thought about using bagborroworsteal to deal with passing purse urges, but just can't see paying for something I don't get to keep :smile:
    I've been collecting them for a little over a year now (I graduated- had a great job and little responsibilites at the time) and now, with a baby and a mortgage, the guilt has set in-but I still want more and can't help it!
    I think I'll try the suggestion about trying a different bag every week. If I can't make it through the week using the bag and really enjoying it, maybe I'll sell that one to either start a baby fund or for a new purchase that I will use. Thanks again for the advice and kind words!
  12. You've got an awesome collection. I weeded out my stuff, and even though I still have a long list of bags, I'm willing to part with a good number of them. It takes a couple of times to do it, but it's so worth it, you'll feel better. Good luck!
  13. Aww you have a sharpei fund! That's what I'd like to get if I wind up selling some of mine (or at least that's the bag of the moment I'm drooling over that has me feeling most discontent!)
  14. Congrats on your new baby, and I would say focus on him/her now, your purses can wait; believe me you won't want to use your nice ones much now anyways. Enjoy this time with your bundle of joy, the purses will still be there when your baby isn't a baby anymore.
  15. One technique is to compare

    A to B (if you could only pick ONE which would it be)
    Winner goe against C (if you had to pick one, which would it be....)
    Winner goes against D
    and so on....until you've ranked them in order----and then sell the bottom two or three or four.....