Help me!! Authenyicate Gucci wallet on eBay.

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  1. Can anyone authenticate this wallet?
    Or Is there anyone who's even ever seen this wallet?
    I bought this on eBay at $140. But there is a bit wrinkled leather inside and the stitches on front side is not aligned overall(not a single stitch.)
    Additionally, the letter 'GUCCI' logo on the case is a little thicker than the other GUCCI logo I already have.

    eBay: New, Authentic Mens Gucci Brown Monogram Leather Wallet (item 280052989596 end time Nov-28-06 19:03:37 PST)
    differentSpacing.JPG wallet2.JPG wrinkledLeather.JPG Wallwt4.JPG wallet5.JPG
  2. unfortunately, its fake. also, please post this in the authenticate this thread we have above! thanks!!
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